21 Feb 2010

Three Kick-Business Strategy

What is it that makes Microsoft continues to prosper? Then why Nokia cell phone could be a product of the most widely loved by the consumers? And what makes a BMW for decades continues to be an icon of prosperity that continues to be hunted man? Learning from success stories of global companies leading in serving customers, it seems there is some wisdom to be learned. The main lesson that can be taken is this: that the process of serving the customer turned out to have started with the correct choice of strategy. In other words, the process of serving the needs of customers did not emerge suddenly from the sky, but must be harmonized with the choice of corporate strategy (corporate strategy) that has been decided.In this context there are three strategic moves that are often applied by world-class companies. The first step that is the choice of strategy-oriented product leadership (product advantage). Companies in this category are always working to create products with premium quality, and always one step ahead compared to competing products. They did not hesitate to spend huge funds to the R & D it for the creation of products that good. Intel is famous for its Pentium series probably the most perfect examples for this category. Or too high fashion companies like Louis Vuitton bag fame with his product. And of course, we should appoint BMW and Ferrari, two automotive manufacturers that always create products legendary nan charming.

Kick The second strategy is the choice of operational excellence-oriented (operational excellence). For companies in this category, the most important is to build a super efficient business processes. The hope, with the efficiency of this process, they can reduce the cost of production, and the edges would be able to sell products at prices more competitive. Dell, a Texas-based computer company, it is worth mentioning samples in this category. With the model and a very efficient business processes, they are able to create desktop products with a more komptetitif price compared to its competitors, such IBM and HP.

Kick the latter is the choice of strategy based on customer intimacy (intimacy with customers). For companies in this category, the most important is to build an intimate relationship with its customers, in hopes it will create a lasting relationship. Many companies in the field of hospitality and are also flight melakoni this strategy in order to build the loyalty of customers. Harley Davidson is also very famous for its incredible intimate relationship with its users, so they can build a very intense fanaticism with millions of fans around the world.

Of course, many companies are also combining different stance, and not just focus on one move. Honda for example, in addition to known to have superior products, also known to have a very efficient business processes. Likewise, Singapore Airline. Besides having a ciamik aviation products, they also have expertise in building an intimate relationship with its customers.

Thus, the three stance put forward a viable business strategy. Rows of jutsu which when performed with high precision which is guaranteed to deliver the players in the ark of excellence.