22 Feb 2011

3 Kick Reduce Credit Card Debt

In the period in which everyone can easily make a credit card as now, consumers are increasingly free to buy consumer goods without realizing the high interest credit card. As a result, many consumers are caught in credit card debt. If you fall into this group, then you need to apply the following tactics to avoid telling you not to harassed by debt collectors.

1. Prioritize Largest Flower
Credit card bill will bloom and the flowers will bloom again. That's why, you must pay your bill in full. If not enough funds, prioritize to pay credit card bills from the bank that applies the highest interest, especially if you have credit card debt of more than one. For example, you owe 2 million dollars in bank A that applying interest at 10 percent and 1 million dollars in bank B, which charge interest of 8 percent. Repayment of debt means that you must prioritize the debts from bank A.

2. Bring Claims in One Account
If you owe credit card debt in several banks, move these bills in one of the banks that charge interest rates the lowest. You can also report on the credit card issuing bank that you want to move the credit card account due to high competition among banks that they usually dare to offer a lower interest rate.

3. Use for Durable Goods
Basically there is nothing wrong with the presence of credit cards as long as used appropriately and discipline pay. Use a credit card to pay for goods that provide more value even though you have paid off payment. For example, for education or buying a computer. Avoid swipe a credit card to pay for concert tickets, vacation expenses, or eat in restaurants.

What needs to be understood, credit cards are a way to borrow money from banks for 25-30 days. Take advantage of this time to pay credit card bills so that you are safe from the flower.

4 Things to Do Before Investing

When you probably are planning to manage your funds for investment through a variety of containers such as entry into the stock market or you want to invest for retirement or college, not a bad idea. Moreover, investing in a variety of different groups of stocks or stock mutual funds are the best way to build long-term nest egg.

For it before you leap, check out the steps that must be done in the following list:

Save a little emergency cash
Stocks are good long-term option, but the stock is too difficult to predict if you need cash suddenly. If your car needs a new clutch or pump water heater when the stock market falter, you will need to sell your shares at a basic level of sales - not a good investment strategy.

Detailed rules on this vary, but 30 percent of the annual life needs is a good target for emergency cash. Remember: You do not need to put your money before you start investing. Wake up half the budget, then add more through automatic deductions from your paycheck or your checking accounts.

Start with half in the form of liquid and half in the form of investments, like money market funds or savings accounts. Then go after something that gives more revenue, such as a short-term securities fund.

Plan to pay off debts worth a high note, we do not say pay off your credit card. If you wait until every consumer debt paid off before you start investing, you will lose precious time, and time is your ally when building a nest egg-laying.

In fact, you should begin to build a detailed plan to pay off debt and cut all credit cards and leave one fruit (and put the credit card in a desk drawer). When you have walked under this plan for several months (and you have to do other things on our list this), it's time to start investing.

Make sure that you are in a state of satisfactory insurance you can have the best portfolio in the world that is filled with mutual funds ranking up and it will be in vain if the disaster hit and you do not have insurance.

The following are the types of insurance you should have:

Long-term paralysis
Take advantage of the plans provided by your company. If your company does not offer these plans, ask a trusted agent and get the offers on the site. It can even be more important than life insurance, because if you experience paralysis, revenue declines (or disappearing) and the bills keep coming. This insurance is expensive, so do not choose too many extras.

Life insurance
If your family depends on your income to sustain the necessities of life, you need life insurance. Check the options in the workplace and compare these choices with what you can get yourself. Flat-term insurance (which premiums are locked for a specified period) is relatively inexpensive, and you can get bargains and applications on the website.

Insurance of home ownership or rental housing is not expensive, and this is a vital part of your safety net.

Vehicle insurance
Once again, look for the best deals but do not reduce the budget for dependents. Usually you'll want a mortgage $ 100,000 per person and $ 300,000 per accident, as a minimum figure.

Health insurance
If you do not have dependents in the workplace, you will need to get your own policy, which can be expensive. Consider choosing a policy berpremi low and high-deductible and encourage your emergency cash to fund your own expenses.

Learn your options
If your company offers an equation for a pension plan, it should be your choice. Nothing beats free money. If there is no equality, look for investments tax postponement.

Although you do not get a tax deduction on the money you contribute, revenues could be distributed to you tax free in retirement. Plus, you can withdraw your original contributions at any time tax free. How do you choose a mutual fund than 11,000 bids? Choose from a firm no-load mutual funds are famous.

With some emergency cash saved, a debt reduction plan, an insurance safety net is secure and your homework is finished, you're ready to go into the stock market. You will be thankful that you do so.

Consider your plan carefully, then decide immediately to start investing. Success for you!

Paying yourself

  • If you work for a year, but your savings are not much different from the previous year, then you do not pay yourself.
  • You work for telephone companies, water companies, supermarkets, dairy factories, and other companies that the production of consumption goods your midst today.
  • If you get a paycheck, say, U.S. $ 750.00 per month.
  • Then you have to specify how you would mengaji yourself.
  • For example, U.S. $ 150.00?
  • Then you have to live with the money of U.S. $ 600.00 and can not use U.S. $ 150.00 for any reason.
  • The more you consistently set aside U.S. $ 150.00 per month, and the more persistent you pay yourself, then the path to wealth is open for you.
  • So the important thing here is, before you start paying your bills, your expenses, you first have to pay yourself!

Salary Not Out Quickly

Pretending to be a 'lot of money' is a dream for everyone. With everything money can you earn, home, cars, jewelry, and so forth. Of course, to get a lot of money we have to work hard. And of course you do not want the income you earn from hard work was gone just like that right?

Now for your income is not in vain and you can be the 'deep pockets', deh try the following manner:

Every time out to receive a salary, do not immediately go to the shopping center such as Mal. Go home and make a list of spending your needs, such as household goods, children's education, health, etc.. Then note each time you spend money. Thus you will know where all the 'running' your money.

Try every time to buy household appliances, choose a good quality but with price not too expensive. So, you do not need very often to pay for 'service'.

Shopping everyday needs as well as to supply a month might be more you save expenses. Because buying in large quantities fall will be cheaper than buying retail. Anyway you do not need to go back and forth to buy because it ran out of sugar, milk, or coffee. So this will save the cost of transport expenditure.

Do not allocate your money for things that are fun. Seberapun small your salary, get used to always save. If you can each month set aside 10% of your salary into savings. Choose a reputable bank with a sizable interest.

Pick a cheap restaurant, every time you eat lunch. Do not eat at expensive restaurants that will suck up the contents of your pocket. If I need to bring their food from home. In addition to efficient hygiene also right?

Do not just save money! of salary. Every time you get a bonus, THR, or incentives, set aside for savings, although slightly. Besides the savings, if possible invest your money into stocks, bonds or deposit amount that you set aside savings for long-term.

Following the gathering, held office or home environment can also you choose as an alternative to 'save' you money. If you are still confused 'set aside' your income that is not a lot, ask for help from other people that are reliable and you believe in managing money.

By doing so, do not be afraid to be 'stingy'. After all, you are not stingy, but sparingly. Because who else will save the money you earn with difficulty, if not your own? Moreover, this will be very beneficial to your life later.

Great way to reach financial independence

Becoming a millionaire was not as difficult as imagined in our minds. At least this opinion topnotch entrepreuner Adam Khoo from Singapore in his book Secrets of Self-Made Millioners.According to Khoo, before becoming a millionaire, you must be prepared. That is, ready to face obstacles and challenges, as well as on the path to achieving that success.

No need to pass a Harvard or have a big capital to become one of the lucky ones. The key is to maintain enough assets and intellectual mind.In the 364 page thick book, Khoo said the key in achieving the goal of becoming a millionaire is to create, manage, multiply, and enjoy your money.

The first step which will be published are seven keys to create wealth that is to adopt the millionaire mind, determine financial targets, creating a financial plan, increase revenue, manage costs and reduce expenses, increase wealth, and the latter is to protect property.Prior to becoming a millionaire, a millionaire mentality needed as well as have big expectations, proactive, 100% responsibility, not easily satisfied, doing what he loved, loyal, committed 100%, turning failure into success, and respect and love your money.If both measures have been passed already almost half way means that you pass through. The next step is to manage cash flow is determined from the management of assets you have. This time, Khoo divide the assets into two parts, namely a positive cash flow assets such as investment in shares, property and the negative interest rate car loans, home loans.

Both these assets should be combined and managed properly in order to generate positive cash flows for the financial and no financial burden on you. The next step to become a millionaire with a short street is a risk taker, as well as one dare to invest in investment instruments, such as shares, property, and other businesses. The key, you must recognize that investment and want to learn how to achieve success with the investment you have.

The final step is an important step in achieving goals as a millionaire is to design a map to a millionaire. A journey, to wherever it is, it needs a map so as not to get lost in travel. This map will take you to the final goal to success as a millionaire.In making even this success road map, it may take five key or the right strategy to apply. The map must be specific and measurable, robust and can challenge you, controlled by the power of reason, strategies or action plans, as well as the time limit (deadline). If you're ready to undergo all of them, you're ready to become a millionaire.

This book describes the specific path to success is easily achieved if we are consistent and committed to its final destination. Because everything will indeed be more easily achieved if there is a great earnestness.From his presentation is quite clear, this book fits into the handle for entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, executives, and people who dream to achieve financial freedom.

Avoiding Financial Crash

Accidents can be related to financial activities. Financial crash of the most experienced people is when earnings are found to be never enough to finance spending. Always feel less though if you want to reduce consumption, income derived is still able to make a living.

Tragically, the inability to exercise restraint resulted in consumption of the road ahead with the financing is done by credit card. Consequently, the costs become greater than the income. This was the beginning of the financial crash which would continue with other accidents.

Concrete example, the use of credit cards will increase, while income is relatively fixed. What happens then is no longer the action of digging a hole closing hole, but caught in the debt hole deeper and deeper. Life had become unsettled.People are always being chased by debt collectors or prolonged stress because there are still many unfulfilled desires. It is not possible, because the more complex problems, the work could be lost.

That's just the financial crash that caused the inability of "brakes" of consumption. There is another another financial crash that also hit millions of people, namely the inability to provide funds to pay for school children. Funds for school children who are not prepared can lead to the child not in school.Even in school, eventually the child can only be in school are less qualified. Or in fact, funds for school children is available, but because it affected the surrounding environment, children forced into school is super expensive. In order to maintain prestige, parents had to owe it to pay for school children.

Financial crash is not only experienced people in productive age. Not a few accidents that hit the ages that would have been in steady state. An employee who has been accustomed to be given by the company's facilities, such as vehicles and home offices, often forget to buy their own homes.When retirement age arrives, he will have a big problem because it has no home or vehicle. For, throughout his career, he has been accustomed to using company facilities. Retirement should be enjoyed instead forced him to keep working in order to obtain money to buy houses and vehicles.

What will we do for the financial crash did not approach you?

  • First, do not ever owe if the aim is only to finance consumer lust. Debt is only worth doing for productive activities that can provide income. Debt to this consumer, such as home loans and vehicle loans, may be considered if the installments are still being met from the monthly income. The use of credit cards even if not for the debt, but only for ease of payment transactions. So, not because they do not have the money, but more because of sheer practicality.
  •  Second, make an investment and protection simultaneously. Many people assume that if you've invested, the issue is completed. In fact it is not like that. In investing, many financial possibilities of an accident.That is because there is the term "do not put the investment in one basket". The principle is simple, if all your investments in stocks, for example, when the stock market tumbled, is not impossible that all your investments will evaporate.Therefore, the investment must be protected. How do I? Spread of investments in various types, ranging from low-risk, medium, and high. In this way, actually have protected your investment. Concretely, if your investment is high risk to have problems, you still have a "reserve" of investment in low-risk types.It is a protection in the context of investment. Beyond that, protection to prevent the negative impact of the financial crash could also be done by purchasing insurance products. As the examples above, people often experience problems in meeting the costs of children.

Well, one easy way to avoid financial injury associated with children's school fees is to purchase an insurance policy education. In addition, various other insurance products, including health insurance, accident insurance, and death insurance, is a "stance" overcome the financial risk of accidents.Actually quite a lot of ways to avoid financial accidents. As if driving a motor vehicle, before driving, certainly should be checked whether everything still works fine. So also with the financial matters. Before you perform various actions, of course, must consider the risks and the likelihood of financial crash.

4 Financial Constraints

There are four obstacles that will make your future bleak. Consider the following four things, if often happen to you? If she immediately get rid of.

1. Reluctant Sacrifice
To be able to enjoy decent living and free of debt, it takes pengorbana and high discipline. Forget for a moment prestige and expensive goods, with goods murahpun you can get similar material with equal comfort.

2. Confused Start Of Mana
Although never studied finance at kulian first, you can become a financial manager for yourself.

3. Continue Delay
Never again say "I'll start tomorrow 'by the comments they are determined to be done the day after tomorrow, the day after changing weeks, weeks turned into months and so on until you do not make any changes.

4. Not Confident Able
Do not keep negative thoughts and poison yourself into thinking you will not be able to make changes. Saving money and beating heart desires is not easy, but believe any small business that you do far more meaningful than not doing anything.

3 Tricks Managing Family Financial Success

Married life is not easy, besides taking care of her husband and children, of course, as a wife you should also take care expenditures for all family needs. Then how the secret to successfully manage the family finances, so not a big place pegs instead of the pole? Try these tips ..

1. Make a Plan
If the couple has given money and entrust the affairs entirely in your household, you'll want to do good planning while not forgetting to discuss with a partner. Plan all the needs and allocate funds according to need.It's good all the plans are written in the notes is important, so really focus on what to buy. Short-term plans, must be related to current needs, among others, the cost of daily living up to the school for the children.In addition to short-term plans, do not you ever forget the long-term plan. Doing so may you realize in the form of savings or productive assets. As little as any funding your household, do not forget to set aside for savings. If necessary, before you allocate the funds to meet household needs, first set aside for savings. Investments in the form of savings or jewelry (gold), can you make a choice. Strive to make the savings even very small amounts will be very beneficial. Culture of saving, need to be submitted to the kids at home, so they can save.

2. Sharing Tasks With Couple
Things to consider by this couple is the division of tasks. Managing finances in the household must be addressed in a compact. If the husband gives all revenue to you, you should schedule a mutually agreed upon monthly expenditure and a priority. The rest, return to the husband for the needs, and from there set up funds for investment. How much savings will be excluded from income must be clearly specified.When you set the financial expenditure, it is worth the couple was given the responsibility in the affairs of the tube to save for their children's school and so forth. Any problems that arise from the division of this task should be discussed clearly and be open with each other. There should be no mutual suspicion and should be solved together as well.

3. Expenditure siasati Extras
When finished with financial planning, you should also calculate the extra spending needed for family recreation, the need to eat outside the home, travel expenses or the budget end of the year to visit the family home away. In this case, the expenditure should be regulated in such a way, but still not allowed to reduce household each month.Indeed, not all households have the same style and pattern in terms of financial arrangements and expenditure system. But, at least, with this plan will be more easily arrange household financial management. This will be useful for the present and future. Efficient does not mean cheap.The consequence is, whether reasonable and urge to buy something? What is useful and notwasteful if every day to eat at the cafe? Many things to consider in spending. Even should assist family members who are trouble, all that must be done without sacrificing the needs of families.

Well, if you've managed to arrange your household finances well, do not forget to run it consistently. With steps like this you surely will reap the results in your old age.

17 Important Financial Tips For Women

It may sound unfair, but women sometimes get when dealing with financial ketidakuntungan. Although differences have diminished since about 50 years ago, it still produced fewer women than by men. But the situation is not hopeless. Much of what women can do to secure their financial future. Here are some tips that can help you add your control and confidence when dealing with your financial problems.

1. Create your financial goals - Make setting goals for yourself can be one of the most important thing in your financial success. Knowing where you want to end up is the first step to achieve it. So, sit down and imagine what your financial big target and how you plan to achieve them. Make sure you evaluate your progress over time if you stay in the exact path to meet your goals.

2. Do not fight alone - If you have a problem with dealing with your finances, you need not face them alone, would be very helpful if you join a support group related to financial issues. Women sometimes feel intimidated when dealing with investments, and felt uncertain about the choices that lead to this intimidation. When you learn about your finances, you will feel more confident.

3. Get professional help - Out of the group, if you need the guidance of financial problems would be better if you are looking for professionals who can help you. Although they put on prices, profit from their experience and knowledge can be profitable. Make sure you find someone you can trust. Get recommendations from friends or relations if possible.

4. Control your own finances - When most women manage their own finances from day to day, there are still women who gave this decision to the couple. Know where your money goes and make sure it's invested in a way that you think fit.

5. Buy your house - women sometimes wait until they get married to buy a home with their partners later on, or they expect their husbands to buy a house for them. When situations like this can be hindered by financial limitations, you should try to buy your own home. For the long term, renting is a bad investment. If you plan to stay within a couple of years old enough and able to pay in advance, buying a home is a better investment

6. Negotiate your salary - do not be afraid to ask for what you know you deserve. Believe am left with the negotiations - you can get less than what is feasible if you see your own boss did not mean it. If you feel you are paid less than enough, say. You may not get what you ask for, but you never know if you do not try it.

7. Know your risk tolerance - Women are sometimes more conservative than men in business to make the investment. There are times when more sensible to see a more risky investment but will result in greater growth. Do not be afraid to take risks upon now, as long as it wouldbe reciprocal results. Everyone has a different risk tolerance, then it's thinking well before making investment decisions that are at risk.

8. Plan for retirement - Statistics reported that women sometimes keep half of what men who save for retirement. This could be a problem in itself, but on average women live longer than men, then it should keep for more for years and years longer such. Experts advise that women should keep 12% of their income for retirement, while men just need to save about 10%. It's never too early or too late to start saving for retirement.

9. Learn from your mistakes - everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes can open financial opportunities to grow (financially). Do not let the mistakes of the past that makes you away from future success. If you have many years engaged in credit card debt then use the lessons from the siege of future debt. As long as you do not make the same mistakes constantly then you will be fine, so do not let your past tie your future.

10. Start making decisions that smart investments - No better time than now to start investing. Women often receive less benefits than men, then they need to be more aggressive about investments and their savings. Do not be afraid to make mistakes in investing - you can not know everything just by not doing anything. Look for sources of investment information such as reading source online, through books, or consult with someone you trust to help you with your investment strategies are new.

11. Get out of your comfort zone - Most financial decisions are important, such as asking for a raise or a risky investment, will involve a variety of uncomfortable feelings. Of course, without a sense of discomfort that there is no choice for luck. Prepare yourself to receive a successful financial future.

12. Remember that it's never too late - even if you do not start saving until the final period in life, do not despair. Still possible to start at the end of the period and ends with the prosperous. Start saving as much as you can start now and reduce your spending. You probably could have worked longer than you plan ahead, but, if you set goals and work to achieve it, your job becomes not too horrible.

13. Do not depend on pensions and social security - Women sometimes do not benefit when dealing with pension plans and social security. Women often spend less time in employment, and that is why receive less than men. The years of work that few can only contribute to a lower average than social security benefits and pensions. Create a plan for additional investment in your pension are available from the company where you work or through another investment vehicle.

14. Get out of debt - One of the most important steps to become financially secure is to eliminate your debt and create a budget for managing your spending. Start by paying your debt limit in advance, or, if you can, transfer one credit card debt into another credit card that has a lower interest rate. Once you get out as soon as possible of those debts you can have more money for savings and investment.

15. Perform tax planning - Whether you have or do not have a home or business, the taxes could be an important part of your financial planning.

16. Do not use the money to make you better - When to buy yourself a pair of new shoes or new clothes may make you feel better in a short time, usually warm feelings will fade quickly. If you experience an exhausting day, invest time in something that makes you spend any money, like go walking or talking with friends. Part of a financially secure is to learn how to shop less, or you will not achieve that goal if you spend money to make you happy.

17. Have an Emergency Plan - When planning for the distant future become a major concern, you also should have money saved for unforeseen events. Without these savings, if you have lost your job could end up in severe credit card problems. If you have enough savings that six or nine months without having a job, you will not feel so disappointed when you apply for new jobs.

Maybe these tips above not only are applied to women, these tips are very compatible with many issues that women face when dealing with a financial plan for their future. Nothing else, remember that your financial success depends on your attitude about money and your willingness to hold your financial future in your own hands.

21 Feb 2011

Li Ka-Shing

Forbes magazine put the image Li Ka-Shing (79) as the ninth richest person in the world with assets worth $ 32 billion or equivalent to Rp302 trillion.

Uncontested again, his wealth was consecrated Li as the richest man in Hong Kong. He is the king among about 40 conglomerates in the city of the former British colony.

Forbes reported, soaring property prices and proximity to China's economy into a number of contributing factors why many residents of Hong Kong is getting rich.

Do not be surprised if you see a kind of luxury cars Rolls Royce and Porsche and down the streets of Hong Kong. "This phenomenon proves that Hong Kong remains one of the rides is conducive to business and investment. Apparently, this is hard to change," says Forbes Senior Editor Russell Flannery.

In 2007 this was a golden year for Li. Coronation Forbes became a proof of what a CEO of a company Cheung Kong Holdings and Hutchison Whampoa's mobile phone is a reliable negotiator in business transactions.

Imagine, with a business reason Li, Hutchison successfully injected into the telecommunications company Vodafone shares with a load of fresh funds worth USD11 billion (Rp103 trillion). This makes Li successfully beat Hong Kong conglomerates other.

As the richest man, Li was certainly the effect is so rooted in Hong Kong. Li pleaded not accustomed to spend a day without enriching his family who now run the company's property, energy, telecommunications, and retail business.

Naturally, if in 2007, Li's wealth increased by 42 percent alias increased $ 10 billion from the previous year. His son, Richard, 41, sits in 24th heading into Hong Kong's richest man with wealth of $ 1, 52 billion (14 trillion).

Attribute that strapped conglomerate Li is a sweet fruit of his labors. The success of entrepreneurs who fled China in 1940, this stems from his ability to build a plastic flower business into a global business empire, with a diversified range of subsidiaries.

Li admitted, his success lies in the strong belief of synergy and cooperation. "Ideal of society can only be obtained if every member is ready and willing to carry out their respective duties," he said one day. Cheung Kong Limited is the main carriage Cheung Kong Group which has business operations in 55 countries worldwide and employs about 260 thousand personnel staff. In Hong Kong, the group has eight listed companies with combined market capitalization.

Li was born in 1928 in Chiu Chow, a coastal city in southeast China.Pada 1940, he crossed over to Hong Kong along with his entire family to avoid the risk of war. His father suffered from tuberculosis and died in Hong Kong.

After the death of his father, the responsibility for economic and livelihood burdened families in pundaknya.Keinginan strong to support his mother and her sisters make Li desperate to leave school at age 15 after work.

Li managed to get a job in the plastics trading company where he worked for 16 hours per day. Thanks to hard work, mental toughness, and high spirit, in 1950 Li ventured to set up his own company with the flag of Cheung Kong Industries.

Capital for Li founded the company obtained by borrowing from family and relatives. Because of his courage in doing business, Li in Hong Kong is often dubbed as "Superman".

Of these plastics factory, the business wing Li is growing, by establishing subsidiaries engaged in real estate investment.

The company successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1972. More and waving empire makes Li's Cheung Kong Hutchison Whampoa to acquire self-confidence in 1975 and Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited in 1985.

Now, business Cheung Kong Group has penetrated many areas, including property development and investment, real estate agents and management, hospitality, telecommunications and e-commerce, finance, retail, port activities, energy, infrastructure projects and building materials, media and biotechnology . Like many other entrepreneurs who have a high social consciousness, Li also did not want his success enjoyed alone.

In 2002, Singapore Management University perpetuate the library with the name of Li Ka Shing Library after Richard Li's father had donated the funds of USD11, 5 million for the development of higher education. In 2005, Li announced the donation of USD128 billion for the Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong.

Even on March 9, 2007, Li set aside the money amounted to 100 million Singapore dollars, to then be given to Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore.

Coronation Forbes became a proof of what a CEO of a company Cheung Kong Holdings and Hutchison Whampoa's mobile phone is a reliable negotiator in business transactions. Imagine, with a business reason Li, Hutchison successfully injected into the telecommunications company Vodafone shares with a load of fresh funds worth 11 billion U.S. dollars. This makes Li successfully beat Hong Kong conglomerates other.

Practical Strategies for Small Business

Here are some tips for starting a small business.

  1. Plan a strategy. The business plan will help you to be realistic. Try and think through the whole process and the budget, leaving the business plan you create. It is also useful if you need to get a loan for your small business survival.
  2. Start with minimum cost. See if you can work with any other business establishment, for example, try to become active as a consultant / agent.
  3. Try to avoid renting expensive office space, especially if you do not have clients who stay for your small business.
  4. Try to work with your ability and try to avoid borrowing money.
  5. Make sure you have all the appropriate documents, which is registered for tax / VAT, so that your small business safe from lawsuits.
  6. Dream on! to never too late for new business ideas. Many people have more than one attempt. You can create new business when you run a business that has been fixed.
  7. Good service and business integrity is the key to long-term success.

3 Ways to Run Online Business

Growth in number of Internet users in the country continued to increase significantly. The latest data shows the range of numbers between 30-40 million users. Number of accounts up from Indonesia continues dashed; beat the number of accounts from other countries. Number of Twitter users from the ground water also continues to rise, making them able to "master the Twitter world stage" (that's why Ariel Peterporn keywords can master the universe of global twitter, and make celebrities of the world to wonder: WHO the hells is ariel?)

In short, the online world landscape in this country will continue to grow with sumringah. And behind the growth that drove it, tucked a number of business opportunities that might be picked. In talks this time, we will discuss three kinds of ways to gain sustenance from the virtual world blessed.

The first way is to build a website or blog with a resounding and consistent, and can bring many visitors fanatics, and then hope there are a number of sponsors willing to advertise. For independent blog in Indonesian language, this option is turned out not so easy because there are rarely major sponsors who want to put ads on your blog / personal website.

Even if one wants to put ads, usually more than service providers such aggregate adsense ads or kliksaya.com. And income from services such ads were not very encouraging: the average good blog may only earn between USD 2-3 million per month, and blog-Abal Abal may only get a hundred thousand per month.

Therefore, perhaps the second way is more interesting: namely to build a web / blog to sell something (selling something). Things can be intangible (digital products that can be transferred via the internet, some kind of ebook or software product) or actually sell physical products such as T-shirts provocative, herbal medicine, shredded catfish, or selling a special tonic to men.

Selling digital products (like ebooks) via the Internet are very practical: you do not need physical warehouses to store stocks. All files stored on your computer, and if there is a buying machine live command to send it automatically. Everything is running 24 hours a day with automatic without you need to busy to send goods via postal / Tiki.

Selling physical products / life via the Internet also remain fun. You do not need to hire an expensive shop, and do not need to hang out for hours waiting for the store (yes if the store busy, if you store it manyun quiet throughout the day). You only need a telephone or email to receive orders; shop you can continue to open 24 hours a day, and potential buyers could come from all over the archipelago.

It's selling a physical product in this online requires considerable capital. Perhaps the necessary initial capital of about USD 10-30 million, depending on the type of product to be sold. But if successful, we may be able to get a turnover between USD 40-80 million per month. If his profit margin of 20%, because it is also our income per month.

The last way is to build a web / blog for personal branding and promotion. This option essentially is using the web / blog to promote and sell our expertise services. And just the third option is what I do with a cool blog that you read this now.

As someone who worked as a consultant / trainer, I felt this blog was very instrumental in attracting potential clients. Not a few clients who invited me as a consultant / trainer because they know my services through this blog.

A third option I think this can also be done by those who do have special expertise services, ranging from photography services, bridal makeup, web desaigner, home renovation services, to the suction toilet services, vehicle registration renewal service, or air conditioning repair services.

Thus, three choices or online business opportunities that might be executed. Each offers different characteristics, but if it worked with all of them promising a serious potential for an adequate income.

Google and Search Engine Optimization Strategy

In an increasingly online world bubbling, Google is a warrior who almost unparalleled. The search engine they created really has changed the way netters probe and has sex with a virtual world that increasingly exotic.Google in other words have become the main gate when every person intends to stick foot in the online universe. That is why, a website that can be pushed in the first ranking of Google search results will be very flattered, and worthy soluble in joy.

However, unfortunately it was not easy to penetrate the ranks of Google. The reason is clear: every day thousands - or even millions of websites - fighting, poking each other, clashing muscle and intelligence to darted into the web that perched in the first (or second and third) Google's search results.

From that process then the term search engine optimization (SEO abbreviated): or a clever ploy to create a website bolted on top of Google rankings. In the discus this time, I will exert 4 ways the web can be practical for a rise in the eyes of the Google engine. If you have or will create a web / blog, stick with these tips. If your office has a website, these tips handed to the IT people for a web company / office is not "disappear" without ever detected by Google.

Tip # 1: If you create a website / blog, try for your web domain names similar or identical to the content / product that will be built and sold.

Tip # 2: Make the web for other people willing to review and then also write a link that leads to your website. Link from another web is indeed highly valued by Google. The more links from the outside, the better your website in the eyes of Google's uncle.

Tip # 3: On a regular basis to update the article to your website or blog. The good, updates every day or every other day. Because Google likes the web that are updated regularly. But indeed write every day or every other day is not easy. Therefore, at least five days or once a week should be updated. Do not let the web we are left mangkrak not updated in months. Over time this website can be more submerged in the Google search results.

Tip # 4: This may apply to that will create a website. Later if it will make your blog or website, use the Wordpress application. Now many are available free to create a web application such as blogspot, joomla, or others. But as far as I know, wordpress application is the most friendly in the eyes of search engine Google.

Thus four practical tips that will help your website to racing in the rankings of the top Google search results.

What Are Your Business Goals in 2011?

Year 2011 had just walked. Because it may be useful if we try to probe goals we want to knit this year. Expand the annual goals (annual goals) a clear and specific may be a route that must dilakoni when we want to pick destinations that we dream.Because with that we can mix a pinch of action plans and initiatives in order to knit a row of key goals that can be transformed into reality, and instead continue to depend on an illusion. Because with this we can then measure whether we have move on the right track or slipping to the edge of the street.

So, what are your career and business goals in the year of 2011?

Even if we want to talk, about career and business goals, then maybe we can sort them into two major parts: The annual target has been pegged by the office where you work, and of course your own personal / professional goals.Talk about organizational goals, we imagine the department / section where you venture has been established with the goals you want to achieve in 2011, complete with a number of work programs in a clear and measurable.In the context of company-wide goals, should your company had to declare business growth targets would be achieved. One of the key targets of course: how much sales revenue should grow this year. If a company has matured, the target growth rate that should have been communicated to all employees intensively. There is also stretched, a key strategy formulated by a company willing to embrace a target that has been targeted.

Unfortunately, in many company / public organization, goals and strategic initiatives such was not communicated clearly. Many employees who really do not know how much business growth targets companies that want to pursue. Moreover, strategic initiatives to pursue them. (Do-do you also like it, never know how much business growth target at which you work. Doh).Though the target figures and strategic actions that should be known well by all employees. Because with that, then each department / section (including the part where you work) can come to formulate a program to help achieve the main objectives of the company. How HR departments can design programs such as the right, if not know the intended target business growth company?

Okay, suppose that company goals are well understood. And now, the time came for each department / section (including your part) to formulate his goals clearly. Course includes a series of initiatives / programs that would lock carried on this year.Hopefully the department / section where you work has formulated all of them with detailed, systematic and detailed. That is, now is the time to immediately begin to execute on all the draft work program that has been prepared (if your department has not been cleared with annual goals and programs, yes immediately arranged with swiftly and accurately).

No less important, whatever the design of initiatives and key actions which have been prepared by the department / section you are, then expand your commitment to go make it happen perfectly. Presents wholehearted determination to deliver a decent contribution is remembered. Because with this, your career in travel this year will also grow steadily.

In addition to organizational goals, of course you must formulate your own professional goals this year. So what are your personal goals in this year? Of course we do not have to write it down with too detailed and meticulous. But at least there was a "strategic theme" that you should pursue in this year.

Maybe this year you want to undergo another college (post graduate possible). Or maybe you want to pioneer their own business which has long be imagined. Or maybe you want more enterprising reading business management books of quality. Or perhaps, want to join a course that can increase competence: either an advanced course management, course create a website / blog or cooking class (who knows one day you could open his own restaurant business.)

Whatever your personal goals, please take a moment to reflect on what you want to achieve in this year. Reflect and think these goals Seriously.Last but hopefully this year, there are a number of "special achievements" that you deserve recalled in the history of all your life's journey.

The Power of Social Media

Revolution 2.0. As soon as one observer said about the historic moment on the banks of the river Nile. Or a revolutionary movement which is facilitated by the presence of social media like twitter and facebook. Social media, or often shortened to socmed, it has provided massive impact in a number of facets of life, both in aspects of social, cultural, political and business as well.

Social media as we know, refers to a site that focuses on user-generated contents and conversation. Mailing list is a true of the earliest forms of social media (whether now you are diligent open mailing list?) Website of the forum (remember Kaskus and the like) then follow. Social media became explosive after media presence Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the like.

Then, what kind of social media strategy is feasible carried by the business? The following article tries to mix and menghidangkannya front of your desk as well.It must be admitted to this social media strategy for many companies in the homeland is still putting up (and Twitter) as the main media. And it's reasonable considering the two web community has exceeded 40 millions.

Thus, many companies who then flocked to raise a Page on FB or open an account at Twitter. But unfortunately, no single page of a particular brand (or company) who scored an outstanding achievement.Moreover, in a variety of social media activities, it is not many brands or companies that are able to build a strong and viable interaction is remembered by its customers. In other words, to this day, no a social media strategy that was smart and has a long trail in the hearts of the customers.And precisely therein, we then remembered with a social media, which until today was still in-under estimate by all companies and brand managers in the country. Social Media is named: the blog.

Honestly, I am somewhat surprised at the fact that to this day no one legendary blog comes from the brand manager / leading company in the homeland. In fact, if used with accurate and combined with other media such as FB and Twitter, oh man, the result will be very sweet.The first example: we imagine there is a blog about financial planning (financial planning) is written with a crisp, consistent, complete with practical tips on managing family finances, fund children's education, frugal shopping tips, etc.. The question is: why Bank BNI, Bank Danamon or others never thought to create a blog with interesting themes like this?

The second example: we imagine there is a blog about the world of gadgets mak Nyos, with all the accessories, complete with a variety of new gadgets are fantastic pictures. And all accompanied by commentary written in crisp and full flowing beauty. Wow. The question is: why XL, Telkomsel and others never thought to create a blog like that?

Last example: we imagine the presence of a blog about the Motorbike, which provides detailed reviews, but lightweight and personal about this segela motorcycle world. Everything is then fitted With the ever video blog about the latest motors. If only Honda or Yamaha would make this kind of blog.The message is clear: if a blog with such interesting themes above are built with passion (like the blog you're reading this), then treated with great diligence, and written in a crisp style, personal, distant friends, I am sure within a year, the blog - the blog is certainly transformed into a powerful media to reach out to customers for a number of brands mentioned above.

Especially if they then combined with a discussion on FB and Twitter. The result would be more memorable than an ad on TV which cost tens of billions.Hopefully this article read the brand managers in the country. Hopefully there are also among those who want to start building a legendary branding blog with interesting themes. Rows of quality blogs run with passion and full of excitement.

Working Smarter Instant manner

You will be surprised because they can not answer my question. They do not have a measure of success. They were not ready with all this. Maybe you've heard the phrase "If you do not know where to aim, how do you know if you're here?" Many people who do not implement this in daily business life.

For example, in a meeting. How many times have you attended a company meeting, without any expectation of success?

So, what I want to say? It's simple. For each task that you do:

• What is the purpose?

• What criteria for success?

Then you can assess whether you achieve goals and measure success (and if not, take steps to put it back on track).

Taking the situation to sell. Separate tasks into separate processes, first done is develop the existing entries with your prospects that directs them to the next stage, the sales process. This can be done with simple, like asking the prospect if they have time to talk with you.

10 Feb 2011

Motivation and Commitment

The most frequent motivation for starting a business is to enable employers to reach self-sufficiency; money is second. Is this surprising? The other reason that is often expressed is the opportunity to show identity, someone take over the family business, or just want to become entrepreneurs. Determine your motivation.

In context, what excuse is offered for people to join a large corporate? To choose a career of government? Unity of work? Of course, many people who want a safe career, good benefits and career that could be improved.

What type of people who start a business? Sometimes they are different skills than those working for other people. The more successful, an entrepreneur tends to become proactive, assertive, and observers are high. They are efficient, give priority to quality, and experts in planning and procedures. As business operators, they are committed to the "relationship" with employees, customers, suppliers, and their communities. Is this skill or personal trait leads success professionally?

Most entrepreneurs assess control, freedom, flexibility, and self-confidence. They usually want the responsibility and personal fulfillment. Most employers are not "gamblers," they have a preference to manage the risk (the largest financial risk that what would you consider?). They are always looking for opportunities, and willing to pursue them.

These are some common characteristics. How do we apply them to suit us, and committed to the lifestyle entrepreneur? We need to ask ourselves some hard questions:

Is it true I want to start or have a business? What are the main reason to go into business? Motivation must be maintained with the strong from beginning to end.

Are there any products or services that match my talent or passion? How do I use the opportunity? About 65% of the initial business is beginner, 30% buying an existing business, with promoted or carried in ownership. Approximately 11% of businesses operate under the name of the franchise.

Am I ready? Why do you think so many new entrepreneurs begin at age 30 years? Maybe because they have the experience to be sure, but still flexible enough to take risks. Do you think entrepreneurs are born (from parents, ethnic traditions) or created? Is this right for you? If so, define skills or additional knowledge that will improve your readiness.

For women and minorities, there are additional considerations that are relevant to their chances of success. Do they have to do with "better", or entrepreneurship is a real benefit? Whether the loss occurs only in the early stages?

Do I have adequate support structure? If you have a spouse, or rely on family support, make sure they understand the sacrifices and pressures that will arise in their relationship.

Can I put the development of this business to other interests and goals for the future? Am I willing to take the demands kewirausahaa? Mass, can I work a full day as employees of the company, then in the afternoon working on my own coffee shop and weekends until my business can support full-time? There is more life than work, and maintain balance and a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for self-employed.

Can I collect source for business success? Do I respond well to any pressure that exists? When I made the business full time, can I live without a salary basis of regular, predictable work schedules, and without vacations and other benefits? Even after the early stages, sometimes the attention of the business ends when you lock the door at closing time. Am I ready for the possibility that I could lose money and property, and damaging my health and self-esteem?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, only that the best that reflects your feelings on the issue. Similarly, if your feelings show You do not have to take steps as a businessman, it is not a sign of weakness or other deficiencies. But this is a decision that reflects the best work-life balance for you.

Ten Tips Improve Your Business Image

When you focus on growing your business, whether you consider the relevance of the importance of business you are arrested? Communication and the image you present, both personal and business, creating your first impression, and unfortunately, sometimes the last impression of you as well. Studies on humans suggest that most people make decisions in the first 30 seconds to two minutes. We've often heard "You only have one chance to make a first impression."

Although you may have skills and qualifications to provide flawless services or sell products, you must not forget the "first impression" if you do not give serious attention to your professional image. Maybe you do not just cut yourself on the initial sales, but also repeat business and referrals. The purpose of personal and your business is to avoid negative interference to move the other part outside and focus on the inside, so the attention is on you, your business, and what you have to say. You want attention, are recognized and have a positive influence on others.

While opinions will offer the relevance of the importance of different aspects of the image, depending on the type of business and your products, where you and your business make it a success. If you fail to display the image of a professional, successful, and intelligent, why your prospects should expect to get something different from your product or service? Like it or not, the presentation of personal and business can distinguish the ability, credibility and success most. If you neglect to detail, you will kehilanggan significant business.

1. Dressed for success - if you look like a professional, you will be accepted and valued as a professional and give confidence. Simple and professional and avoid the excessive makeup that might be disturbing.
2. Appearances phone - What's the perception of people who call you? How do you answer the phone? Several studies have shown that the highest percentage of one's opinion about your shape, while talking on the phone, in base of our voices. Only a fraction is considered based on the words we use. Make sure your initial greeting professional. It would be better, if your phone is answered by people who are professionals in their field with a positive tone and vibrant sound. If the caller like what they hear, then your business will be considered as berpengatahuan and confident.
3. Voicemail - When leaving a message to someone, leave a complete message including your name and phone number. Tell me with a short and informative so that they can respond without first talking to you, but do not deviate. Speak slowly and repeat your number at the end of the message so the message is not repeated to get your number.
4. Logo - Logo important as the value of good branding and recognition. Logo a clean, simple and unique is usually the best way to survival and success of the company. A logo should reflect the personality of the company. This is not something you should do alone. A professional designer will ensure your logo design reflects the personality of the company, without leaving the impression of a neat and professional.
5. Marketing collateral - the performance is reality in marketing and must appear seprofesional you. All the ingredients you need to follow the basic principles of design, looks neat and simple, has a sense of the branded, and using a professional image. Is a good idea to appoint someone responsible for it, so that branding and image you become consistent.
6. Website - the performance of your website visitors to determine the mood and readiness to listen. This will determine the image of you as a player in your industry. Should be simple and elegant as well as guiding visitors to instantly find information that is important. This is a worthwhile investment to hire a professional to ensure you do not either deal with visitors, or the occurrence of technical risk. It may be that your website is the only impression you get visitors about who you are.
7. Business Address - No one can add credibility website better than showing the physical address of business on the contact page or at the bottom (page footer). Vs. physical business address home address or post office box is important for the perception of the viewer to decide whether they believe your business can rely on. In addition, you must have a private meeting place for professionals and avoid meetings in coffee shops and restaurants.
8. Email Address - Take the time to secure domain names and email addresses. Using the generic address seperti@yahoo.com, @ gmail.com, etc do not give the impression of a professional business. People will think you are hard to contact, a business that is only temporarily only, or is not technically sophisticated.
9. Written Communication - Transparency professional document or the response provides the best opening for the company. Errors that escape and printed or published online show not only just a bad writer, but also the entire organization or publication. When found errors in the document, readers tend not to believe everything, including statistics, opinions, and facts. Make sure you check the facts, reread, check spelling and look for an objective reader to check your work before publication.
10. Ethics air-mail - Like most rules of business correspondence, make sure you use correct grammar and punctuation are correct. Avoid using abbreviations and symbols such as smiley faces: they are not valued as professionals in business communications. Never write an email while you meras upset; use the rules of "sleep on it" so you do not need to write something that you regret later.

Your original image affects whether a person will come back or not, it is important to quickly place repeat business and purchases, and referrals; It can indeed be added. Communicate the image you want projected on the employees and push the teratur.Bisnis you will change into the picture of success, credibility, and professionalism; a company where people want to do business with you.

10 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Opportunity

10 Mistakes that will ruin your chances of a successful entrepreneur:

1. Let fear hold you. We believe a number of issues that affect the success of new businesses is the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of criticism, fear not valued and not afraid to think people will like your product or service. Understanding the fears that can hinder you. Learn to recognize and relate to it.
2. Failure to develop a real relationship. Nothing happens until the intertwined relationships. There are no meetings, no chance of sales, no business. Take time to build relationships, and then you're ready to sell.
3. Failed to respond quickly. The faster you respond, the more responsive you are. No reply to e-mail for days, voice messages are ignored, and the proposal or a sales agreement that postponed shows you do not care about the business prospects. Forget the advice of the absurd where fast response makes you look like or desperate to do business. It makes you seem responsive.
4. Become coercive. No one who likes coercive. So when your buyers say "yes" - stop selling. And do not sell, where to find a buyer to purchase more than they need. This is good for short term gain and is bad for long-term relationship.
5. Stop when there is rejection. No one was willing to accept rejection, but sometimes we see it as not visible. Denial is the initial response to someone who is not familiar, not a conclusion. Or it could be derived from the gatekeeper whose job it is rejected.
6. Stuck in perfection. There is no such thing as a perfect proposal, letter and response is perfect. Both are usually pretty good unless associated with life and death situations, which most of us are not. Additional 20 per cent that you put on products, services, the response is not recognized or appreciated by the recipient. But the fact that you too long to respond to identified and not in a good way.
7. Using your personal beliefs. No one who cares about your opinions when you are in a selling situation. Political views, social, and sports just for yourself.
8. Lack of focus. When you do not focus with employees, clients and prospects as if you are not interested or you are too excessive. When you do not focus with your organization, it's like the latest version of the organizational chaos that would damage the morale of staff who tried to deal with changing priorities and new initiatives.
9. No executive presence. The presence of executives not merely look the part. It's about managing your image with consideration and not artificial. Like it or not, weary, a lot of weight, messy and careless people are those who do not realize the event was happening and did not read a book since high school or college is a very different picture than those who merawar himself and intellectually curious.
10. Not showing gratitude. Success in business does not just happen. Along the way there are many people who share your feedback, helping you through a tough time, which might just give you an idea. Do not forget them when you succeed. There is always a reward of gratitude.

Perkonomian today in difficult conditions. Starting a new business can be exhausting and rewarding - personally and professionally. Sure, you need a business plan, solid financial products or services that can be sold with a strong value proposition. But you need more. And you must begin to eliminate sabotage behavior that will disturb your transition from one executive to be an entrepreneur.

Working part-time

Do you have to stop working or not and become full-time entrepreneur or if you have to run a home business while working part-time "day job" you, is a very important decision. As shown by Kanaga is clearly in the following articles, current technology has made it easy to run a home business part time than ever before.

With the development of certain technologies and low initial cost has made many entrepreneurs today to start a home-based business. It is estimated that in America there are 40 million home-based business. Home-based businesses represent 63% of all small businesses. Furthermore, more than seventy-five percent of this business is run on a part-time.

Some common reasons for starting a home business is, the fulfillment of dreams, the need for additional income or have a backup income if the loss of jobs today. The more common reasons are many people who love to own and run a home business and feel the tension and pleasure in running a home business either full time or part-time. The majority of those in the latter category often have a misconception that it takes little effort to run a business from home.

If you have an idea start a home-based business, it is recommended that you start on a part-time while continuing to perform your full-time job. There are several prominent reasons for adopting the strategy of this part-time business. I will arrange the most important thing like this:
  1. Instead of your enthusiasm and tenacity to succeed in home business, your efforts could end in failure due to several reasons. At that time you always come back to your full-time job. Speaking of the failure can be confusing for some people but you should be prepared for events that are not unexpected.
  2. With the launch of part-time work in your home business, your investment in both financial and time, of course, smaller so that it can minimize the risk.
  3. Currently in the process of setting your home business operations, you must set your spending. Full-time job that can help you overcome this situation especially at the beginning-the beginning of your part-time business. If you begin to generate profits at the beginning of the business and then build up a reserve fund to start your home business full-time.
  4. Thought to have full-time job with regular income that will give you the confidence to take reasonable risks in the business part-time rumahann you. This is not true for the opposite.
  5. The presence of full-time job means you are not under pressure to do the business part-time at home to survive. You can learn business skills, gain knowledge and grow teraturs business.
  6. By maintaining a full-time job you can still continue the health insurance, leaving all the benefits until you establish yourself on a part-time business.
  7. If your goal into a home-based entrepreneurs, so be sure to use your work and create a foundation for home-based business by making the necessary contacts with people who could be useful for your business in the future and also can as your customers. Of course you must ensure that your actions do not result in conflict with policy management where you as an employee.
  8. Quit full-time job one day and start a home business full-time in the next day can lead to chaos and disaster unless you have strong support from an experienced businessman. Conversely, if done gradually transition from full-time job into a home business then it will become easier.

Doing the job full-time and part-time running a business can be a nuisance and perhaps you're overwhelmed, so ignore good business, jobs or both.

You have to sacrifice a lot of important time for families to your home-based business interests. The success of your home business or any business-related not come easily. It takes hard work, sacrifice, dedication and perseverance. Besides, all you have to have passion for what you do. Many successful large businesses grow from small businesses, including Giant Amazon.com. Start sowing seeds of home-based business when you become an employee, and observe its growth, maintained properly, have a passion to it and pick fruit for your hard work. Enjoy the fruit of your hard work and at harvest time, quit your full-time job. That's it, keep the growth and establish yourself as a successful home-based entrepreneurs. It is then called a smart way to success.

Keys to Finding the Ideal Partner

In the world of small business, there is often a common request: find the ideal business partner. This usually stems from the need to "remove" the role or job we do. Such as marketing, finance or sales.

I noticed when starting a business in which I feel desperate to find colleagues who control marketing and sales with better than me. I feel confident if I could let go of my shoulders and focus on becoming a great coach then my business will thrive! Yes .. four years later, I have never found it but my colleague found a way to grow the business.

I realize the value of partnership marketing.

Marketing Partners are other entrepreneurs who are willing to cross market your products and services to prospects and clients.

Not everyone is into "an ideal companion candidate." Sometimes you have to clarify with whom you want to play so you do not have too many choices. So I will share 5 keys to finding the ideal partner.

Mindset Partners.
Does the person have the necessary criteria as a partner? Not everyone can. In fact, some people become poor because their colleagues are too independent or they do not like to play with other people. It is important to understand why someone pursuing these partnerships. Do they want a quick sale or they are eager to join you in business long term?

Value Alignment. By knowing the top three values, it can help you clarify what is needed for the long term. If a person's core values are independence and the other is a collaboration, perhaps the approach taken to achieve the goal will be heavy. This is needed if you work together in completing the project.

Sharing the vision. Do you share a passion for the resulting output? Did you both see the same output? Or if someone wants to let go of their opportunities and others want to have cooperation in the long term. Have you ever met a married couple where one wanted the other child is not? Finally they parted. Sharing a vision for the resulting output is important to maintain harmony in relationships.

Compatible work styles.
This is very important. Are you both dreamed of working with the long hours and hard to reach the goal?. Does the person have children who most need their attention? Are you both willing to do anything to get the job done?

Complementary strengths. If you both like the same thing and no one was willing to do other work, then you will be working to finish the job. Will you be delegated to another party?

Make sure you both have the qualifications to perform your role - or others that can cause stress and disappointment.

When you take the time to dig out your best interest to make the material a good cooperation, I encourage you to take the time to dig out if your business associates will be a "companion" is good. There's nothing worse than when in the midst of the project you realize do not like doing business with that person.

When you dig up the key on and ready to go, uncertainty to set a treaty (I suggest you have a contract). If you follow the steps in the method of goal that can not be unstoppable, you will realize that you have a strong foundation to create success together "intolerable."

9 Feb 2011

Business Productivity

Recently I spoke with a businessman who told a new sales met. She said she knew him in recent years, sales have been joined by three different companies. Later this entrepreneur paused and said, "Maybe I also have the same tendency. The point is the grass always looks greener, I guess. "

Tendency to shift the macro-task, to change careers attention to something larger is a common thing happening in all types of entrepreneurship. I myself have felt at various events. There is always another chance in it, something more interesting.

Ask a marathon runner and he'll tell you about "Walls"; points in a game where the internal energy reserves are used. Hit this wall could be a disappointing runner, and they will give up during the game. However, if athletes push and "climb" the wall, they will find new energy boost and is able to finish the game properly

Employers experience this, and the "wall of entrepreneurs." This wall is the moment when the business is no longer interesting. At first, entrepreneurs wake up each day with enthusiasm to run their business. Suddenly, a low tide. The reason for this hit the wall varies from yag declining economic conditions, until the poor sales, employee relations, or just out of boredom. However, if employers can push and climb the wall, he will experience new levels of success and new enthusiasm.

Like the marathon runner who also conditioned himself so not too surprised with the system, as well as employers, who could use some specific tools that facilitate them to climb the walls of their personal. The three tools are:

1. Company vision - Vision is a document that contains the company's corporate image next five years or more. It creates a concrete direction for you and your company. With the company's vision is written and displayed on the wall is a powerful tool to remind you. Will be more powerful when you are asked what they expect to desire the next. When employers refers to vision of the company, they will remember the desire to achieve company goals.

2. Vacation - Entrepreneurs are always reject time is budgeted for the holiday routine. This leaves them in a situation where they did not find an opportunity to recharge their energy. Make a holiday schedule. By creating a holiday schedule, employers always have what is expected. On his return, employers will find the problems faced moments before the holidays is not a big problem.

3. Business training - as a business coach, I often help clients to return to class when they feel hopeless or when they lose perspective. Ancient expression that says 'can not see the forest through the trees' is true in business. When you reach the wall of an entrepreneur, you need someone from outside who can see things from the perspective of distance, which could see the overall picture and ask the right questions. Business training is an essential component for businesses to create personal accountability. Accountability is not only provide a valuable view of the business side, but also help the entrepreneurs to move forward when they encountered a wall entrepreneurs.

8 Feb 2011

5 Key Business Success

As an entrepreneur, you have many ways to describe success. You can think of success with a number of customers, percentage of net profit from your market, the period in running the business, number of employees you have, or various other combinations. No matter what your defines, in general, successful business has five key elements of this

1. Planning - It is true that without a plan where you go, you have a small chance to achieve it. Reason number one why many new businesses fail is their lack of anticipation in the face of a problem because the lack of planning.

2. Setting goals - Along with the planning is setting goals. Ask a successful entrepreneur, wherever, if they set and work towards achieving that goal, or they do "to follow the flow" and hope for the best. The answer is obvious but often overlooked.

3. Adaptation - Any business, any kind, face challenges and competition that have no end. Required ability to adapt and overcome these challenges to determine whether the business can survive or not. The market is filled with a variety of businesses that are unable or unwilling to adapt to changes.

4. Innovation - More important than merely adapting to changing market conditions, successful entrepreneurs will continue to focus on their efforts to innovate and improve, or get them out of business when customers look for a competitor that offers something you do not think.

5. Marketing the constantly - Marketing is not simply sell or advertise something. But this is everything you do and encounter. Every time you talk with customers, answering phones, filling orders, or when speaking with your suppliers to market yourself and your company.

Five of these elements is essential to the success of your business. This will help if you think as a piece of the puzzle that must be put together to transform your ideas, hard work, money, and skills into a successful business.

Alternative Strategies for Becoming an Entrepreneur in Doubt

The ability to succeed as an entrepreneur is one of the invaluable experience enjoyed by someone. Seeing your products displayed on shelves is a wonderful thing. Knowing that your product is good for others is very valuable. Behind the award in the material, knowledge of where you can reach the level of success, where others are reluctant to do so represents a significant blessing.

So what is done by the inventors, creators to promote their opportunities if they do not have entrepreneurial skills. In the consulting business which I struggled, I saw some great product placement opportunity and instead there is a small number of potential entrepreneurs succeed. It's very hard for anyone to step out of your comfort zone and really wearing new clothes. This is one reason where there are few employers and many dreamers. However, there are opportunities and strategies that can overcome the limitations of personal business.

There are a number of consultancy services which are able, usually handles legitimate business opportunities for investors. They are able to do much work for most people are reluctant to do so. A good consultant will save you time, money, and minimize client error. Make sure you interview more than one company, check with former and current references, ask for examples of products already developed by the company.

A consultant should be able to offer an effective implementation strategy before investors spend their money. Companies must be able to do, or have access to a professional so that it can perform every aspect of project elements that are needed. If investors have a certain skill, (skills for managing finances, engineering, manufacture of 3D CAD, etc.). A qualified consultant should be able to act as a consultant managing projects (dealing with every aspect of development, sales, marketing, production, negotiation, etc.). Often the investor only needs certain specific tasks, in areas where they do not have the experience or challenge. This includes sales and marketing.

A consultant should be able to provide clearly the best strategy, opportunities and constraints the project may face. They must be realistic in accessing the potential for success.

Many investors have approached me and without hesitation said they needed some money. I've never met an investor who can estimate the amount of money that they THINK are needed. They're just guessing and not doing important research that is required to measure the real financial needs.

Many investors who believe that they need to increase the amount of funds to complete the development, production and sell their products. Rarely are they doing this. What often happens prototype can be sold or made released, entered a strategic partnership, or form a partnership. This is some stratagi that could be considered by a competent consultant.

As an investor with a chance of commercial potential, it is important for you to remain flexible and realistic. When I met with an investor who has been working on projects for many years, I became very worried. This is a sign that they want more control and with the financial expectations that are unrealistic.

If the consultant is available, there are many potential sources that help investors. Currently, many universities have entrepreneurship courses and offer mentoring. Also, many local governments / regional organizing small business development program, which recognized that small business is to trigger the growth of jobs and tax revenue.

Just because you do not have the entrepreneurial skills did not mean eliminating creative business opportunities from potential markets. However, money and opportunities are always exciting technology, products, and new services. Get professional help to promote the project and enjoy the potential for significant revenue generated from whether the product sold is given a license or partnership.

Some reasons for failure Entrepreneur

With my experience for over 25 years working as a professional in Business Development, in general I find that they have to think like entrepreneurs. This is what makes them reach the top of their profession. Each will teach you during the journey that they have learned how berbikir differently.

True entrepreneurs struggling to get business opportunities with a variety of reasons. Among the most obvious is the lack of capital, lack of understanding of marketing, and personal issues. However, based on experience and knowledge of entrepreneurship, there are three important reasons why a person fails to be an entrepreneur.

They link the success of the business with their personal values.

They refused to set realistic goals and make plans for himself and his business. They are not ready to pay price of success. A true entrepreneur with the right mind would continue to develop his thinking all the time. They have learned to understand the role, purpose, and consequence.

1. Role

Entrepreneur merged, are those who struggle, have learned to separate the roles in their lives of self worth or self identitias. They understand that the role of performance or failure in their efforts is not an assessment of them as individuals. People who tend to equate their self-worth with the role of identity would make the risks and find ways to maintain the status quo. With the ability to separate the two identities allows them to easily get a risk than the risk of harm, which is the key to the success of an entrepreneur. Someone who has a risk of failure, experience, and learn from them, not just learn how to distinguish the role of their identity with personal identity, they also have learned about the risks and failures. They understand that failure in the early part of the initial business success. They are able to deal with these experiences, learn quickly and move. This is important in the success of entrepreneurs. They must be willing to face and deal with failures that occur at the beginning of time.

2. Goal

Although much is said and written about the importance of purpose and a plan to achieve success as an entrepreneur, there are few people who are studying the mechanism of goal setting and planning success. This is not about the plan, but planning is essential, and the process of setting goals that allow them to develop the confidence to take risks and failures. Successful entrepreneurs are not only motivated to achieve their goals and goal oriented, they also learn to implement the strategy and tactical planning and goal setting. By visualizing a goal, write it down and provide detailed plans for achieving give confidence and motivation. More than just a business plan or operations, they have goals and plans for the all important role in his life. From the beginning they've learned if they do not do their own plans, they might become part of the objectives and plans of others. They create their own direction, facing position as a leader who takes risks, and make necessary adjustments.

3. Consequences

Finally, employers understand that they pay the consequences. To be successful in whatever role in life, you must be prepared to pay in full immediately. There is no instant success to become an entrepreneur. In fact, I hear success usually takes 15-20 years. One of the early consequences of disering faced is to make them improve themselves behind the circle that includes the growth of the current relationship. Since most people tend to maintain psychological comfort zone, they begin to lose identity by taking risks. They feel comfortable with the type of person who more or less the same as them. Often entrepreneurs move toward a different circle who understand the journey. By stepping out, by being yourself and face the risks alone. Consequently, new pressure was found in long relationships. As stated earlier the leader, with the role of performance through a process of differentiation of self worth, at risk, facing various obstacles, sticking to your goals, and adjust your plan, are you prepared to pay the consequences.

There are many things to be learned by entrepreneurs to succeed, including daily mechanism in running the business, providing products, deliver services, generate income and relates to people. The biggest challenge of all this is to develop an understanding of themselves. They will get a grip of what they want and what motivates them. Successful entrepreneurs must learn to transform their thinking, enabling them to face the failures encountered along the road.

Solving Problems

If you are looking for great ideas to start a business, why not use the method of problem solving? This method gives you the ideas to the needs of business and has been identified by the market by setting a target market and identify problems not yet known. In the end, you build your business by providing solutions to their problems. Your solution could be a product, service, or both.

To start the search for the perfect business, think of specific groups of people. This group should be large enough to support your efforts. Some examples are baseball fans, parents, teenagers, etc..

Next you need to do a brainstorming group problem and collect data. Not necessarily an obvious problem or issue of concern, but the bigger problem is missed, the more need of a solution. Some examples of problems that baseball fans may be hard to find, such as memorabilia, special equipment, etc.. Diabetics may have difficulty buying a sugar-free meal, or find a sugar substitute.

After you record a variety of groups, and their problems are not resolved, then you add a list of solutions for each of these issues. Remember, the solution may be in the form of products or services. For example, diabetics who can not find sugar-free diet, you could offer a solution by opening stores that only provide sugar-free products. The problem is there are very few shops that provide a complete product.

A store that provides these products will have an instant market, which is not just shopping there, but they really need it. Remember, the easiest product being sold is an existing need. If possible, try not to make a product where you have to convince others to buy it or teach to use them. In general, this requires an expensive marketing efforts, better left to others unless you can do with cheap.

The easiest way to manage all this data is to separate into three columns with the label of each group, problems, and solutions. When you start to record ideas, try your mind wander as far as you want, you never know where they come from inspiration. Find solutions to common problems that may concern people in certain groups. In the end, remember this equation: the problem of unresolved + product or service you = your new business.


If you are serious about running your own business and are ready to begin, then you already know if the later will face many obstacles on the road to success. One of the important tools you need and should be used is the determination if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

Are you the type to resolve the issue through a satisfactory conclusion, or give up after trying half-heartedly? If you describe it as the last one, we encourage you to stop because of this that distinguishes whether you will be successful in business or not.

Courage is the power within you that drive to achieve goals. If you decide to not give up, whatever challenges you face, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Do not assume constancy is only one state of mind for a moment. To really have the determination, you will be working hard to achieve the desired results. For example, consider that usually the most effective way to solve the problem is to always look at the problem from different perspectives until you can get it done. Feelings of doubt around the answer, do not be petrified and can not be called courage.

Resolving the problem is not the only way of determination that will help you in business. Most new businesses take a long time to become a profitable business and not the exception with your business. It is your courage that makes you get through your busy day while you build your customer data and begin to generate sufficient revenues to sustain yourself.

A secret to this type of determination is by setting specific goals on what you want from different viewpoints in the future. The more detailed the picture can you shape the thinking, the better. By making your mind stay focused on what is to be achieved, then by doing so, will make yourself do what you want.

Know that little things as precious as a successful business, it will not happen without hard effort, great sacrifice, courage to face problems, and ability to solve countless problems that you face. This is referred to the definition of persistence.

Marketing Basics for Small Business

The essence of marketing is to understand customer needs and develop plans to meet their needs. Every person who has a business wanting to grow their business. The most effective way to grow and develop your business is to focus on organic growth.

You can increase the organic growth in four different ways, which include:
  •  Get more customers.
  • Mempengaruhipelanggan to buy more products.
  • Influencing customers to buy products that are more expensive and increase the sales of each customer.
  •  Influencing customers to buy products that are more profitable.

The four things will increase revenue and profits. Let us focus on the first item, get more customers. Why? Because by getting more customers, you increase your customer data and the income derived from the larger data.

How do you use marketing to get more customers
  • Take the time to do research and create a strategic marketing plan.
  •  Directs the development of products to arrive at customers who previously were not interested.
  • The price of competing products and services.
  • Develop messages and materials based solutions.

The importance of target market in small business

When dealing with customers, keep in mind the importance of target marketing.Alasan why this is important because only a proportion of the population who will buy your product or jasa.Dengan placing sales and marketing efforts in the right market niche, making you more productive and not waste your time and energy.

It is important to consider the virtual segmentation by choosing specific vertical to represent what you offer. Vertical these have in common with your products and services. Once again, this will prevent you from waste precious time and money.

Marketing small businesses and large different

If you're like most small business where you have limited marketing budget. The most effective way to market a small business is to create progmram that combines sales activities with your marketing plan. Sales activity not only saves cost but also increase the value of marketing through interaction with prospects and clients. This interaction will make you an invaluable research.

Small businesses usually have limited marketing budgets. Does this mean you can not compete with large companies? Of course not. This means you have to think a little more creative. What if the promotion by doing one of the following:
  • Inviting vendors or associates and ask them to participate in 'co-op advertising'.
  • Take the time to send referrals to your customers and purchase incentives.
  • Have you ever thought about introducing yourself in the media? Free publicity has the potential to jump-start your business. By doing this you position yourself as an expert in his field
  •  Invite people around the place of business to be involved in an event. Is there a concert event, where you can sell tickets? This can be a means of free publicity on the radio.

When you spend money on marketing, do not forget to create a way to keep track of these marketing activities. You can do it by coding your ads, use the toll free telephone number, and asking prospects where they know you. It lets you know if your marketing strategy is not running. You can replace it quickly with a choice or a better method.

Started business with small business marketing

By diligently doing marketing and creating an easy strategy such as to maintain accountability of your to contact ten customers or prospects every day for a week, you will see your business grow significantly. The important thing is not necessary that a large marketing budget to make it happen.

Finding the Great Leader

As elected leaders, the decision is usually based on a wrong decision. Many are expecting people with strong personalities, charismatic, or a desire for personal achievement. They expect someone who can lead and manage the efforts of others. Some even rate as an indication of the physical attributes the ability to lead.

Misunderstanding of what makes a good leader is not limited to these factors. It also includes our selection of personal characteristics. Some people view leaders as people who can dazzle people with stage performances, which can make people around him feel relaxed with keparcayaan himself, or who can think circles around the senior people in the organization. In fact, this character trait and not the indicator of a great leader. Great leaders are shown with their focus on integrity rather than his appearance, the desire for what is best for the company than its interests, humility and forget about his ego, and empower their people in making decisions. There are a number of books already written, research conducted, and data collected to appoint these findings, however, although the company with outstanding views, intelligent directors and senior executives with experience can make mistakes in choosing leaders based on their perception of ability lead.

Take the example of Hewlett Packard. In January 1999, Hewlett Packard's board met at the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto, California to discuss, among others, changes in business due to the rapid growth of Internet IPOs that have not been proven true. The concern among the directors is the change in time need the right leader to lead the company in the future. In his book, "How the Mighty Fall", Jim Collins summarizes this thinking, stating that, "HP is slow growth and a declining stock price associated with the technology sector is growing concern that skyrocketing HP need a new leader type." At the meeting, Lewis Platt, then CEO of HP, will propose early retirement to make room for the right leader. Board of Directors accept the proposal and replace it with Carly Fiorina, who announced in July the same year, where he will become the next CEO at Hewlett Packard.

Lewis Platt and the board of directors believes that the new CEO with a fresh perspective will help move the company toward the industry landscape rapidly changing technology. Fiorina, who have been published in Forbes magazine under the title 'Most Influential Women in Business' and has a tremendous background as an executive VP at AT & T, is the type sought by the HP executive. In the review, it appears that the board of directors made a mistake in the assessment, during which the position of Fiorina, HP's first loss, the stock price fell from $ 45.36 to $ 20.14 and is waiting for a big loss. For comparison, Platt, former CEO of Ford Taurus, grow HP from $ 16.02 to $ 42 and Chief Executive Magazine's award as a producer of wealth to 11 throughout history.

After researching the HP in the near future, proving that leadership plays an important role for the progress or setbacks of the organization. Leaders can encourage organizations in hundreds of thousands of dollars of market capitalization or suffered a loss with a large amount. It's hard to deny that the leadership does not play an important role in the company's success, yet many organizations do not have a system to identify and develop potential future leaders.

We see Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart. Since young, Walton has shown natural ability as a leader. In high school, he started as captain of the football team and never lost a match. He became 'Vice President' Student Senate and became Chairman of the Senate in the second year. He was selected as 'Permanent President' at graduation at the university. But Walton does not have a standard description of a leader. He's not Ivy League graduates and MBA degrees. Walton is the son of a humble and aggressive.

Walton worked as a manager trainee at JC Penney three days after graduating from university, which marked his desire for the retail industry that shape their lives and affect the lives of millions of people. At JC Penney, Walton JC Penny in touch with the approaches related to retail-especially JC Penney Idea # 2 and # 3, the guiding principles related to serving customers with the highest value for the money spent. But Walton is not a diligent employee, he hates to make customers wait for him while he was completing his duties, so that the books were a mess. His boss threatened to fire him frequently, said he did not fit in the retail business. Walton seeks to maintain its position because of his ability as a salesman. After 18 months in the company, Walton resigned.

If JC Penney has a system to identify leadership potential Walton, they might be able to pull it to remain in the company and develop them as leaders in the future. Instead, he started opening his own shop which became a rival and a chance to beat the dominance of JC Penney in the retail field. Like most companies begin to adopt the mindset 'promotion from within', the type system of leadership development is becoming increasingly common. The problem is, many of these companies base their criteria in identifying future leaders based on a misconception of what makes great leaders.

Only a few people who can take a great leader, so the question is - how do we create a system to identify the great leaders in the early stages of their development? Do we use the profile psikometris to a more senior role? Do we let people inside and outside the organization decides who will be the next leader? Many decisions must be made but before we decide it must recognize our mistakes in choosing a leader. Organizations need new ways to determine who will become leaders, because leaders affect the organization as a whole. Employees who work hard to rely on their leaders to make the right choice for the company and ensure that employees have a future with the organization.

It is difficult to know the right answer but certainly by investing development of future leaders will benefit companies especially organizations that hire people from outside to fill the role of internal leadership. As a result, the company became the second insititusi such as the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) to assist them in developing leaders from within. Their innovative Leadership Program will help companies develop the skills and capabilities of potential leaders. Forward-thinking company is aware of the benefits obtained by investing them with the consequences of their organization in the future.