29 Mar 2011

Online Education

Online education is a way to enhance students' knowledge in specific subject areas by giving them access to a variety of materials on the subject. It is growing very rapidly and online doctoral programs have even developed at leading research universities. It is accommodating in this manner because it allows the individual to work while being enrolled as a full-time student.

Also easy and flexible that allows you to maintain your professional and personal commitments while pursuing health high-quality education.

Online education is now available for almost every type of degree. Online education that can be relied upon is eLearners.com. Here, everything you expect you can earn.

9 Mar 2011

Winning the Business Competition

Any business has an equal chance to be successful. What needs to be understood is to start a business then the most important is the courage to fail, and how strong you are able to survive in it, even how fast you rise from your fall, such as the expression of Napoleon Bonaparte, "I never worry about what will I do to win pertaruangan, but I always knew exactly what I did when I lost the fight. "Here are some tips for doing business with the right and memenangakan competition:

A. Be The First. As with the first person in running a business will give you a greater chance of success compared to being a follower. Be the first to make you known in advance and considered a forerunner of your business. A category of products / services that really make your new single player in the category tersebur and not have to compete with other businesses. The market just needs to diedukasi about the benefits and features of products / services you offer if the product is indeed provide solutions for consumers. After that, just waiting for time to see your business like a snowball rolling success. Do I still remember when in doubt Honda (market acceptance) to get products to scooter? Yamahalah finally winning the competition and get a big advantage, for daring to speculate to be the first issue skutiknya product. And Honda was finally having to pay expensive 'doubts', with a new image that is a Yamaha motor scooter.

B. Be The Deferent. Competitive landscape of business today as peranga bloody. The competition is very hard, he will run over a player who can not compete. Therefore, you have to compete by providing production / services with excellence. Excellence is what distinguishes you with competitors. Products / Services you will be instantly known to consumers because of the difference. Avoid using price as a differentiating factor for your product with competitors. But look for other unique factors of product / service you.

C. Be The Best. It's not easy being the best in all areas. Find the one factor you can do so well that because of these factors, your business becomes better than most competitors. You simply become the best in one factor, no need ambition is to become the best in all factors. With one factor that is, make your business ogled by consumers and difficult for consumers reject an offer from you. Because of these factors will not get from other competitors.

Managing unstable income

Unstable incomes can mean that sometimes get is but a regular basis, sometimes small but often, or sometimes even great, but rarely. However, have no fixed income as a freelancer does not mean you can not have fun, right? Like having his own company, a freelancer sued clever open employment for herself, determining monthly salary and think about how to 'smoke billowed kitchen equipment company. " The key is financial management. There are strategies for the financial condition remains safe and in control. Here are tips how to manage irregular income of a freelancer:

1. Record Spending. Want easy, just use a notebook to write down how much money is spent every day. Want more organized, there was nothing wrong with using free computer software that allows you to calculate. When finished, try to check the details of shopping today. Sure, you can know what the actual expenditures can still be reduced and how much money left over that still exist. That way, you can avoid running out of money prematurely.

2. Separate Accounts. One for personal accounts and one savings untu. Save 30% for compulsory savings that abstinence is used and input into the savings. It was prepared for unexpected expenses, for example, while there is no project or a late payment. The rest enter into a personal account to pay bills, everyday expenses and spending.

3. Pay Bill In Early. If you have an obligation that must be repaid each month, such as insurance or credit cards, pay off immediately before you plan to spend a lot of things. Do not let bills pile up while the money has been depleted because many unused. Paying bills at the beginning allows you to know how big 'net wealth' that you have in the account. Use a personal account to pay it off.

4. Separate Basic Needs. Not all freelancers can work at home. So, counting dressed and ate a lot of transportation money should be spent every day, still needed. Accumulate this spending for a month. Store with a special envelope and take in accordance with the quota per day when I want to use. Let it safe to avoid running out of cost when the project was not completed.

5. Expand Project. For freelancers, the more projects the more fun. That is, the more revenue. But it must not accept the offer as well, taking into account the estimated amount of expenditures and revenues. If the 1-time payment of this project, valid for 2 months, you should think about whether the project is profitable or financial detriment. If there is no choice and this is the only income, you can push the budget revenues, expenditures exclude spending, and decrease the percentage of compulsory savings.

6. Insurance. In contrast to the facilities acquired by permanent employees, various allowances such as employees' social security or health insurance is not obtained by freelancers. Although the condition of the body in good shape, you should not ignore this. Because, the condition of one's body no one knows, right? Both have now suddenly deteriorate tonight? One of them by having insurance. Choose a trusted insurance companies, which are well known and has a good reputation.

7. Pension Fund. When you decide to work alone, then you need to set up retirement funds early. Take a long term investment you can enjoy in the old days.

Managing Family Financial

Practical Tips Family Financial Planning

1. Monthly billing. Collect all your quarterly bill, then add the whole, then for three to get the average monthly bill, such as telephone bills, school fees, insurance and so on.

2. Monthly Spending. Also Collect all your quarterly spending, then total and divide by three, to get an average total of your spending per month, like buying clothes, treat the family to eat in restaurants and so on.

3. Preliminary Evaluation. Evaluate your spending it. Look for opportunities to save money and cut spending items that are not necessary.

4. Preparation of Plan Budget. Plan your monthly budget and try to obey and begin to allocate funds such as savings deposits, certificates of deposit, pension insurance.

5. Actual Budget Evaluation. Search the revenue (income) and monthly expenses to evaluate how your plan is already running, then perfected to produce the desired result. Use financial software to obtain accurate results management and search 'behavioral mistakes' in your family's financial spending

1 Mar 2011

OKPAY new payment alternative

OKPAY Inc. is a rapidly growing offshore company incorporated in British Virgin Islands in 2009, its founders having worked tirelessly on this project since 2007. The company owners are business people with a vast practical experience in the field of electronic commerce, financial software development, product marketing and sales via the Internet. The origins of our expertise in e-currency and payment processing date back to the year 2000 at least.
OKPAY is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.
What you can do with Okpay.com Account?
1.Flexible depositing and withdrawal options
You can easily exchange your real or electronic money for OKPAY and vice versa. Available convenient methods to deposit to and withdraw Bank Wire, E-currency, Certified Exchange Partners.Any unused funds can be withdrawn from an OKPAY account at any time by means of the tools used for depositing.
2.Instant and secure money transfers
With OKPAY you can make and receive payments without disclosing any extra personal financial information. OKPAY financial service enables users to make instant payments and execute money transfers securely over the Internet. Money transfers are instantaneous; all a member needs to know is the other member's e-mail address registered with their OKPAY account.
3.Easily exchange different e-currencies
Okpay provides users with an automated service of electronic currency exchange. This service is easy to use, secure, fast and efficient, has competitive rates and gives users a quick, easy and, most importantly, safe method to buy, sell and exchange their e-currency.

4.Receive business-related Internet payments
OKPAY.com can serve as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as a cheque or money order. OKPAY.com is an example of payment intermediary service that facilitates worldwide e-commerce. OKPAY.com performs payment processing for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users, charging a very small service fee.
5.Make regular payments over the Internet
OKPAY customers can automatically make repetitive payments by setting up a recurring operation in their OK PAY account interface. You can make scheduled payments at your own convenience: every day, week, month, etc.
6.Get rid of routine, easily arrange multiple payments
Mass Payment allows anyone with an OK PAY account to make multiple payments instantly, thus saving time, money and the hassle of having to individually send funds to every recipient. Mass Payment can be used for such things as: affiliate commissions, customer rebates, pay-to-surf rewards, employee benefits, survey incentives, etc.
7.Get monthly interest on electronic funds
If you want to make the most of your OKPAY balance and get a regular income from the interest you earn on it, then a special savings account is for you. Just use the appropriate links in your OKPAY profile to open an additional savings account. Please note that you can withdraw money from a savings account whenever you want.
8. Make payment for goods and services in Internet shops
Purchase products or services on the Internet. With OKPAY, shopping in virtual online stores is really simple, as is purchasing products or services in frequented shopping centers.

9. Buy/sell EUR, USD, GBP and other currencies online
OKPAY provides a complete range of foreign exchange options and offerings. Perform real-time currency conversions and exchange calculations inside your account. When you place an order in your account, you will be given the full details of the transaction, i.e. exchange rate, commission, volumes and total in the default currency of your account. The exchange rates are mid-market rates from trusted sources; they are updated at least once a day.
10.  Easy, customized Shop Systems integration
Add OKPAY as a payment option on your web site! The OKPAY payment solution is a direct payment gateway which allows you to accept various types of e-money payments in your online store in addition to conventional money movement by instant bank transfers.
11. Make money by referring customers to OKPAY
OKPAY features an excellent two-level referral system.
You - any user, whether corporate or individual, having an OKPAY account.  
1st Level Referral: a user who was invited to OKPAY by you directly.  
2nd Level Referral:  a user who was invited to OKPAY by your first-level referral.

* how to register OKPAY