23 Sep 2011

More Customer Love…

As If I haven’t prattled on enough lately about customer service people and loving customers… some more ideas and chunks of info must be useful to assist people to really think about what they do and how they might make this whole area better. If this resonates with your organisation then you could use this as a brainstorming tool to get practical action to take place.
So here, take a lok at more weird and whacky ways to “love the customer!”
Concentrate on the customer, figure out  what they need – want – love – aspire to – entertain them – quiz them – excite them – prod and poke them! (careful!) – cause them to giggle – get VERY curious about them (In the right way…)
  • Thrill them with a fresh approach or two to loyalty
  • Tell them things (good things, bad things, things they want to hear and get engaged with)
  • Wrangle with them (Perhaps their minds.) – Massage them (metaphorically perhaps)
  • Tell them to love you / cause them to love you!
  • Care about them intensely but don’t tell them
  • Invigorate their souls
  • Cause them to blink (for the right reasons)
  • Feed them deeply satisfying nourishment
  • Talk to them seductively (think more metaphors…)
  • Tenderly hold their hand/s
  • Cause them to blush (by doing Ok things…)
  • Give them a passionate embrace
  • Dance with them
  • Know their fears
  • Know what they love
  • Develop personal profiles of them (not stalking!)
  • Know why they love your organization
  • Keep them warm and comfortable…
  • Readily and effectively tantalize them
  • Get quirky with them (like they are experiencing a Cirque Du Soleil clown act!)
  • Thrill their senses
  • Knock them down with a feather
  • Build them up with kindness
  • Awe inspire them with a sensational view
  • Throw windows of exceptional opportunity at them
  • Link them to things they will love (think strategic alliances here)
  • Give them a recipe they will love or at least might love it if they try it
  • Cause them to cry with splendid delight
  • Caress their emotions/soul with every ounce of passion you can muster
  • In short, build the relationship with them, because people buy from people they like/love.
There, now go love your customers, your bottom line will appreciate it. One things for sure though, your competition will not be able to keep up if you get started.


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