10 Dec 2011

Business of Pleasure

The net is not the most popular type of pornography in the United States. Video sales and rentals accounted for $3.62 billion in revenue in 2006 while net pornography raked in $2.84 billion.

Pornography revenues are not necessarily ranked according to population. China topped the list in 2006 with over $27 billion in pornography revenues. However, South Korea, only the 26th most populous nation on earth according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is next in line with over $25 billion in pornography revenues.

Internet consumers are most likely to search for the terms "sex," "porn xchange," & "PornHub" to access their pornography product of choice. The top twenty search terms also include "teen sex," "teen porn" & "PornHub review"

Some search terms were divided evenly along gender lines. Statistics indicate the term "sex" was looked for as often by female consumers as it was by males. Men & females differ greatly on other searches. For example, men performed 97 percent of the searches for the term "free porn."


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