9 Mar 2011

Managing Family Financial

Practical Tips Family Financial Planning

1. Monthly billing. Collect all your quarterly bill, then add the whole, then for three to get the average monthly bill, such as telephone bills, school fees, insurance and so on.

2. Monthly Spending. Also Collect all your quarterly spending, then total and divide by three, to get an average total of your spending per month, like buying clothes, treat the family to eat in restaurants and so on.

3. Preliminary Evaluation. Evaluate your spending it. Look for opportunities to save money and cut spending items that are not necessary.

4. Preparation of Plan Budget. Plan your monthly budget and try to obey and begin to allocate funds such as savings deposits, certificates of deposit, pension insurance.

5. Actual Budget Evaluation. Search the revenue (income) and monthly expenses to evaluate how your plan is already running, then perfected to produce the desired result. Use financial software to obtain accurate results management and search 'behavioral mistakes' in your family's financial spending


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