9 Mar 2011

Winning the Business Competition

Any business has an equal chance to be successful. What needs to be understood is to start a business then the most important is the courage to fail, and how strong you are able to survive in it, even how fast you rise from your fall, such as the expression of Napoleon Bonaparte, "I never worry about what will I do to win pertaruangan, but I always knew exactly what I did when I lost the fight. "Here are some tips for doing business with the right and memenangakan competition:

A. Be The First. As with the first person in running a business will give you a greater chance of success compared to being a follower. Be the first to make you known in advance and considered a forerunner of your business. A category of products / services that really make your new single player in the category tersebur and not have to compete with other businesses. The market just needs to diedukasi about the benefits and features of products / services you offer if the product is indeed provide solutions for consumers. After that, just waiting for time to see your business like a snowball rolling success. Do I still remember when in doubt Honda (market acceptance) to get products to scooter? Yamahalah finally winning the competition and get a big advantage, for daring to speculate to be the first issue skutiknya product. And Honda was finally having to pay expensive 'doubts', with a new image that is a Yamaha motor scooter.

B. Be The Deferent. Competitive landscape of business today as peranga bloody. The competition is very hard, he will run over a player who can not compete. Therefore, you have to compete by providing production / services with excellence. Excellence is what distinguishes you with competitors. Products / Services you will be instantly known to consumers because of the difference. Avoid using price as a differentiating factor for your product with competitors. But look for other unique factors of product / service you.

C. Be The Best. It's not easy being the best in all areas. Find the one factor you can do so well that because of these factors, your business becomes better than most competitors. You simply become the best in one factor, no need ambition is to become the best in all factors. With one factor that is, make your business ogled by consumers and difficult for consumers reject an offer from you. Because of these factors will not get from other competitors.


Lina Gustina said...

Great tips.
It's not easy to win the competition. You've mentioned here the right ways to do :)


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