10 Jan 2012

The Best Private Investigator Austin

The Best Private Investigator Austin for Domestic Relations, Divorce, and Child Custody Cases

Austin, Texas

Without key evidence, court cases involving divorce, child custody, and child abuse, can drag on, seemingly forever, costing you unnecessary time and money. And usually justice delayed is in fact justice denied.

Without a doubt, evidence will speed up justice. As a premier private investigation agency in Austin, Texas, TLW Guardian Investigations will ensure you get justice with the evidence you need for court or for a for a speedy settlement. TLW Guardian investigations specializes in cheating spouses, pre and post-divorce issues, real time GPS tracking, mental health issues, parental alienation, drug and alcohol problems, computer forensics, and child custody cases.

Divorces are the most stressful event in the United States after a death of a spouse. Close to 50 percent of all marriages coast to coast break up at some point and indivertibly end up in divorce – not only a stressful time for a couple, but when children are involved it can be devastating to all involved.

You simply can’t wait till the last minute for crucial evidence to emerge. Your best bet is to entrust the complex task of evidence gathering to a professional. TLW Guardian Investigations is the brainchild of Tom. L. Ware who holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and is a certified forensic counselor and a drug and alcohol abuse professional to boot.

Tom has years of experience working with sex offenders and mentally ill persons on probation and parole. He worked as a Guardian ad Litem for Travis County for several years representing children caught in the middle of some of the most nightmarish divorce proceedings in Texas before deciding to branch out on his own as a privately hired Guardian ad Litem and later, by starting his own private investigations agency.

Tom, who is a licensed private investigator Austin and a practicing Guardian ad Litem has testified in bench and jury trials at least a 1000 times in his long career. As Tom explains, he is often hired for child custody cases because of his background as a Guardian ad Litem and due to his extensive knowledge of the family court system, “Some people want to see how a Guardian ad litem and a private investigator might view their case.” Tom also specializes in issues surrounding adultery. His catchword phase is “Cheaters Watch Out, I May behind you.”

TLW Guardian Investigations sports a crew of 7 investigators with diverse backgrounds. They are behind the eyes of the man that gathers crucial evidence for you, saving time and money on costly family law litigations. Tom roped in a grandmother as his chief casemanager who knows family law on a personal level from her attempts to protect her own granddaughter.

Others on TLW’s payroll include an army ranger, a blackbelt, and a forensic computers expert.  Each of them is hardwired in private investigations and understands people and their myriad of problems. New employees are placed under an experienced investigator for honing their skills and learning the tricks of the trade from the ground up.

Tom has also hired two Spanish speaking investigators with plans to provide services in San Antonio, Texas.  TLW Guardian Investigations places special emphasis on addressing diverse social, economic, and domestic problems with tailored solutions to make their clients feel secure and at ease. That’s the TLW difference!!!

Tom welcomes you to visit http://www.tlwinvestigate.com or to call him at 512-653-1021.  

Company name: TLW Guardian Investigations, Lic # A14972
Company phone number: 512-653-1021  
Company mailing address: 3005 South Lamar Blvd Ste D109 #220, Austin Texas 78704

Currently serving the Central Texas area: Austin, Killeen, Temple, San Marcos and Bastrop with plans to expand to San Antonio, Texas.


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