1 Feb 2012

SEO Rankings

SEO Rankings

Search Engine Optimization or SEO rankings are very important. This is because they essentially determine how easily your website can be found online. Search Engine Optimization is the act of making sure that you website ranks well, i.e. is visible near the top of the results, when a relevant search query is performed.

There are many ways of increasing your SEO ranking with search engines. By taking of these factors into consideration you will be ensuring that your website ranks well with search engines. This means that more people will view your website and this means an increase in traffic.

Factors That Affect SEO Rankings

The first factor to consider is keyword research. You need to find keywords and phrases that are relevant to your website. You should also try to use keywords that are moderately popular and rank well for these. This is much better than choosing common, highly popular keywords and ranking poorly for these.

Once you have found relevant keywords and phrases you should make sure that these phrases and words are prevalent throughout your website content. You should also make sure that your content is of high quality. Your title tags and site map should also contain a few of these keywords and phrases.

Another important factor that should be considered is the number of websites that link back to your website. The more links to your website that are placed on other websites the better. Also, the anchor text as well as the website which displays these links is very important. Search engines use this information to determine what your website is about and how relevant your website is.

The URLs that you choose to use is also important and plays a part in Search Engine Optimization. You should try to make your URLs concise and descriptive while using a few good keywords. Social media can also influence your SEO rankings quite a bit. You can create a profile on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. You would then simply post links back to your website within content here. This encourages your network to share this with their network and so on. When people read your post and click through to your website it will increase your website traffic.


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