22 Feb 2009

5 Good Money Habits

While still early, let's arrange the finance sector. Five habits will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

1. Calculated budget
Honestly we do not really like thinking about the budget, right? "Hard" or "never succeed", that's why we are bringing. Like it or not, aka budget budget is an important tool for financial control. You can see how much money you have, where "gone", and how much is left.

Tip: According to financial planner and director of the Women's Financial Network, Susan Jackson, for said budget was more positive with the money instead of just planning, spending plan or cash control. As he wrote in his book Why Saving Is Like Dieting and budgets Do not Work, says the budget is similar to the word diet. Well, try to be more realistic. Do not do a total change. Do it gradually. What is important is the discipline to the budget. That's why, maybe you need to always carry a notebook or a small note containing a list of groceries in the bag. If you find that your expenses still exceed the budget, do not punish yourself too hard. Remember, the changes will not happen just one night.

2. From small
It can not be denied, the cost of living is now expensive. However, you actually still have the ability to save. Imagine now you have to save $200 USD. Maybe you will be justified because there was no funds to pay this and that. However, when an old friend called clan invite you to meet at a restaurant, suddenly you have the money $200 USD to go.Advice: "You better start saving with less money than waiting until the money collected a lot but never even started (because the money does not get-togethers)," suggested Susan. Only 10% of the minimum income that must be why you tube. If still difficult as well, just try the old way of using the piggy bank (but do bergembok piggy bank and a key, yes: p). You can put 100,000 each payday to insert coins in a piggy bank or 500 every day the return bus or shopping at the supermarket. Do not forget to always raise the money savings, if your salary rises or KTA mortgage is paid off.

3. Forget the credit card
Paying the bill more than the minimum payment should be the first step to leave your dependence on credit cards. You must know the minimum payments do not 'do delete your credit card debt in the continued flowering of interest. Well, here you'll realize you need to make budget. You can see the big remaining funds and may be used to pay debts. This could accelerate the repayment of debt.

Tip: Another alternative is to use the balance transfer program from another credit card that offers 0% interest for a period of 6 months, for example. However, according to Brouwer of Outlook Financial Solutions, the key to get out of debt is to change the habit of using credit cards. You can start by leaving credit cards at home or not to delay payment of bills. Want a little extreme? Ask your credit card limit reductions, for example, only two times your salary. In this way, you will use credit cards only for urgent needs only and not for consumption.

4. Learning investments
Well, after the affairs of the debt settled, now you'll have more money to start investing. Actually, with only Rpl00.000, you can invest. Perhaps the next question is what kind of investment is right for you?

Tip: You can judge for yourself through a quiz that is included in the books of investment or financial planner for help services, the type of investor are you? Conservative, moderate or aggressive? Indeed you will be charged during a consultation. However, when considering the situation, you still get the benefits anyway, which is advice from a professional.

5. Do not forget protection
Ok, at this stage you would have managed to have some money in savings and investment. However, all that means nothing if you suddenly sentenced to suffer severe illness. Money saving and investment can be discharged for medical expenses.

Suggestions: Disease that more and more a result of unhealthy lifestyles, makes us inevitably have to have health insurance. Especially for you who are health costs borne partially or not covered at all by the company. So, with little money set aside for protection, you can take the benefits in the future.

The future starts today
Maybe you think, too early to think about retirement. Newpoll survey in 2004 found 56% of workers forced to delay retirement plans for not preparing for retirement funds. Well, there's nothing wrong you start thinking about financial planning for the future. Maybe you intend to retire early and do not want diminished lifestyle. That is the importance of establishing financial strategies since now.


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