21 Feb 2009

Core Business Concept

When you break an egg chicken and noticed at a glance, you will soon see the egg white and egg yolk.
Now, look more carefully at the yellow egg. You will be able to see a black dot. The point was not a stain, but a core of life and the embryo from an adult chicken.
These nuclei,  when hatched will bear a unique range chickens, which vary from one tail to another.
Something similar can you meet at a company.

In all companies, such as in chicken eggs, you'll see the same pattern, such as displaying a more beautiful, buy cheaper, sell more expensive over the cost, giving priority to customer service, bill on time and so forth.

However, Why is there a successful company and there is less successful companies? Although the company says is the franchiser and have the systems and business patterns that are identical? That creates the difference is a black dot in your business concept, namely the core of your business concept.

The core of the business concept may be a more friendly service, employees are always smiling, work harder, work smarter, work based on priority and so on.

Small differences that create a big difference between a successful company and who failed.


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