22 Feb 2009

5 Stage Achieve Financial Happiness

HAVE full control of money held is one way to make people feel happy, regardless of how much wealth. By adopting some good habits, sertiap people may feel happier about the overall financial life.

Here are some good financial habits that you can apply, as revealed in a book called 'The Ten Commandements of Financial Happiness':

Make a filing system so you can more easily record the income and expenditure. Thus, more time and energy you can save.

Direct Pay bills
Do not wait until all the bills piling up and then just pay it all at once. Instead, pay instantly once bill comes. Paying a dozen bills at once can make you upset to see so much money is drained from the savings. Instead, pay bills come one by one so will not make you too shocked to see the numbers.

Saving five percent
Set aside at least five percent of monthly income for savings. It can make you automatically filled financial happiness. You daoat immediately set aside five percent of income before spending it for other purposes. Once accustomed to saving, you can increase this number gradually to 10 percent or higher.

Create and achieve goals
Achieving happiness is not merely a matter has reached the goal or not, but about making progress. Create one or two financial goals every time, and work hard to make it a reality. Feel the happiness you enjoy when through the process.

People who practice the most wealth will feel happier and healthier physically and spiritually. They tend to sleep better and exercise more often, so having a healthier mind. Also, give some property to another person also distanced themselves from feeling greedy and not satisfied. Thus, you will feel more grateful for the pleasures of life which is owned today.


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