8 Feb 2011

ProCharacteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you have what it takes to go through a recession? Here are the characteristics possessed by a home-based entrepreneur to go through a difficult time:

This article quoted from the 'Ultimate Home Based Business Handbook', by James Stephenson, available at Entrepreneur Press.

Regardless of your definition of success, there are a number of common characteristics possessed by successful entrepreneurs. You can give a check mark in each of the characteristics that you may have. Through this way, you can see how you arrange them. Although you do not have all these characteristics, you do not need to worry. Most can be learned by practice and by developing a winning mentality, especially if you decide tujan and you apply yourself, through strategic planning, to achieve the objectives in measurable stages.

Home Based Business Should Include

Like any other activity you do, there is some requirement needed for success in the chosen activity. To be able to drive legally in a public place, a person must have a SIM; to win the match, must practice and practice, in order to retire comfortably, a person must be knowledgeable investors and are actively investing for retirement. If your goal is success in business, then the formula is not much different. There is some necessity that must be developed, implemented and managed fully to the success of your business. There are a lot of necessity in business, but this article only discusses some of which I believe is a necessity, more importantly it takes time to start, run and grow a profitable home business.
1. Do what you enjoy

What do you get from businesses in the form of personal satisfaction, financial income, stability and enjoyment is a value which would you place in your business. So, if you do not enjoy what you do, then chances will be reflected in the success of your business-or your next success. In fact, if you do not enjoy what you do, chances you will not be successful.

2. Work seriously

You can not expect to be effective and successful in business unless you are absolutely sure the business and product or service you're selling. Too many home-based entrepreneurs who fail to run businesses with quite serious, easy to move and are not motivated and sharpen their sense of smell. They also became a meal they are looking at home business with one eye because they do not work in an office building, shop, or factory. Little is done with a skeptical, knowing that some people who work from home, and produce a good annual income, has soared in recent years.

3. Plan everything

Plan every aspect of your home business is not only a necessity, but also build habits that have developed, implemented and maintained by the employer. Business planning is very important because it requires you to analyze any business situation, do research and collect data and make conclusions based on facts obtained from research. Business planning as well as a second function, where and how to achieve your goal, on paper. You can use the plan you created both as a map that will take you from point A to Z as well as measuring the success of each individual plan or a segment of the plan.

4. Managing money wisely

Cash Flow is the pulse of every business of any kind. You need to buy inventory, pay for services, promote and market your business, repairing and putting tools and equipment, and hire yourself so you can still continue working. Therefore, all home-based entrepreneurs have to be prudent financial managers to ensure cash flow is still running and the bills paid. There are two aspects of prudent financial management:

   1. The money you receive from clients in exchange for goods or services you provide (income)
  2. The money you spend for inventory, supplies, wages, and other items needed for your business operations. (Expenditure)

5. Request sales

Home-based entrepreneurs must always remember that the activities of marketing, advertising, or promotion is not useful, no matter how smart, expensive, or targeted to their exact, except for one simple thing which was completed - ask for the sale. This does not explain that being a great sales, advertising copywriting or public relations expert rather than a great asset in your business. However, this skill means nothing if you do not actively solicit people to buy what you sell.

6. Remember the customer

Your home business is not the product or service you're selling. Home business is not the price that you wear for goods and services. Home business is not about competition and how you overcame it. Your business is the customer, or client, period. However, your customers are the ones who decide whether your business will boom or destroyed. Whatever you do in business must focus on customers, including policies, guarantees, payment, working hours, presentations, advertising and promotions and websites. In addition, you should know well who your customers are.

7. Being a self-driving

One of the biggest myths about personal or business success, is a personal capacity, product or service to be found and recognized by the community that may deter other people to buy what you sell. But how this can happen if no one knows who you are, what you sell and why they should buy it?

Self-promotion is one of the most important marketing tool, but most failed to use where the majority of direct employers ignore it.

8. The design of a positive business image

All you have except the moments that missed to make a positive impression and be remembered by the people with whom you do business. Home-based entrepreneurs have to get out of their way and always try to design the most professional business image. The majority of home-based entrepreneurs feel no need to create an office or an elegant showrooms to make your prospects and customers amazed and impressed. Instead, they must rely pencintraan, creativity and attention to the smallest details when creating and maintaining a positive image of their home-based business.

9. Know your customer

Features one of the largest and most significant competitive edge of home-based entrepreneurs who can beat big rivals is that he can give personal attention. You can call it by the reaction of high technology, but customers get bored and tired of listening to the information they are somewhere in the computer and must be in retrieving, or required to enter a series of numbers that eventually reached the right department only to listen to voice mail where they never Calling again.

Home-based entrepreneurs can answer the phone, they're familiar with the customers, provide personal attention and win business by doing so. It is a fact that most businesses surveyed (80%) came from customers who return than new customers. Because of that, along with exciting newcomers, the more you do to get close to customers, you will do better in the long term and provide personal attention is the most respected and remembered in the world with this sophisticated technology.

10. Depth of field game with technology

You must avoid to get stuck further in the technology world, but you also must know how to use them. One of the most fascinating aspects of the Internet is one or two people who run from the basement could have a great website like a company worth $ 50 million, and no one knows the difference. Make sure you continue to pursue high-tech as long as it suits your needs. The best technology is to help you, not to make others impressed.

11. Building a team of topnotch business

No one can build a successful business by himself. This is a task that requires a team that is committed as you are on business and success. Your business team can include family members, friends, suppliers, business alliances, employees, sub-contractors, industry and business associations, local government and community. Of course the most important team members are your customers or clients. Some or many of those who will say how your business will run and staked the future of your business.

12. Known as an expert

When you have a problem to be solved, you seek the advice of others or seek an expert in his field to help solve your problem? Of course, you want the most accurate information and get assistance. You usually look for expert help to solve the problem. You call a plumber when the hot water faucet is leaking, real estate agents when selling your home or your dentist if your teeth hurt. Therefore, it only leads to the reason for which you are known as an expert in your business, more and more people are looking for you to get your skills, create more sales and referral opportunities. The effect, known as an expert is to have another force to get new business prospects, and vice versa. Instead of finding new people and qualified to sell, people are looking for your expertise.

13. Creating competitive advantage

Home business should have a unique selling proposition. This is more than just lip service questions to ask an important question, "Why do people choose to do business with you or buy your products or services than do business with competitors and buy products or services?" In other words, aspect or combination of aspects of what separates your business from the competition? Is better service, longer warranty, better selection, more flexible payment options, the lowest price, personal service, better customer service, better return and refund policy or a combination of some of these?

14. Invest in yourself

Entrepreneur of the top buy and read books, magazines and marketing business, reports, journals, newsletters, websites and industry publications, aware that these sources will increase the understanding of their business and marketing functions and skills. They join business associations, and establish networks with other business people skilled to learn the secrets of their success and help them determine their goals and objectives. Top businessmen attended the seminar business and marketing, workshops and training, although they have mastered the problem. They do it because they know that education is an ongoing process. There is always a way to do better, a little time, with less effort. In short, a top businessman has never stopped investing the most powerful marketing tool, effective, and best for himself.

15. Accessible

We live in a time where we expect fast food lunch at the drive-thru ready in a few minutes, the laundry is ready to take on the same day, the money in the ATM and a pizza delivered in 30 minutes or free. You see the pattern that develops, you should make it as easy as possible for people who do business with you, regardless of home business you run.

You should be aware of the fact that only few people are willing to work hard, get out of line, or feel uncomfortable by giving you money they dapatkand with difficulty. Make it easier for other people to do business with you means you have to be accessible and have knowledge of your product or service. You should be able to provide what customers want, when they want it.

16. Building a solid reputation

No doubt, a good reputation is one of the most tangible assets and can be sold by home-based entrepreneurs. You can not just buy a good reputation, this is something that you generate with your promise. If you promise to deliver goods to customers on Wednesday, no reason for you not to send them. If you offer to fix something, you have to do it well. Consistency in what you offer is another key factor. If you are not able to provide services (and products) with the same level on a regular client, they have no reason to trust you ... and without trust, you will not have a good reputation.

17. Sell benefits

Forcing pengusahaa product features for the inexperienced or potential employers. Sell the benefits associated with owning and using a product or service that you bring is a focus for sales professionals everywhere to create the desire to buy and sell, sell more, and more often sell more of its customers. Advertising, sales presentations, and printed marketing materials, product packaging, websites, newsletters, trade show is important. Every time and media used to communicate with the target audience must sell the benefits associated with a product or use your services.

18. Involvement

Always sign out of your way to be involved in the community that supports your business. You can do this in many ways, such as the plunge in local charities or food banks, engaged in organizing community events, and local politics. You can join kumpulam and groups that concentrate on programs and policies designed to improve local communities. It is a fact that people love to do business with people they know, like and respect, and with people who do things to help them as members of the community.

19. Attract attention

Small businesses can not waste time, money and energy to promotional activities aimed at building awareness through long-term, repeated opening. If you do, chances are you will go broke long before this goal is achieved. Instead, any promotional activity you do, should be able to make money for your pocket so you can continue to attract more attention and make your business grow.

20. Mastering the art of negotiation

Ability to negotiate effectively is a skill that must be mastered by every entrepreneur. Maybe this is the second most important thing that must be owned by a home-based business. In business, negotiation skills are used every day. Always remember that mastering the art of negotiation skills means you applied to get a win-win condition. Win-win arrangement means that everyone involved felt they had a winner, which is the foundation for building long term relationships and a more profitable business.

21. Designing the workplace to succeed

Plan and design your workplace in the house carefully to maximize performance and personal productivity, and if necessary, to demonstrate professionalism for clients who come. If possible, hold the desire to change the corner of the living room or your bed into the office. Ideally, you want a separate room with closed doors that separate the business activities and family members, at least during working hours. Patio, basement or garage is usually used as an office in the house. If this is not possible, you should find a way to change the room by a partition or do you work when no one was home.

22. Maintain regularity

The key to staying organized is not what file type you have or if you pile up the paper on the table, but about managing your business. Having a system to do many things. Therefore, you want to create a routine where you can get the job done as much as possible, or for three hours to the business part-time or seven to nine hours for full-timers. In fact, you have to develop systems and routines untuksetiap business activities. Little things like making to-do list at the end of the day working in a day, or within a week, will help you prioritize the most important tasks. Creating a single calendar to start the work, not a task to duplicate assignments or jobs, also will ensure the completed task on schedule and the promise fulfilled. Entering the family and personal activities into your calendar jiga important so you can work and plan of a single calendar.

23. Spare time
The temptation to work along time is the real thing for some home-based entrepreneurs. However, you do not have a manager that reminds you it's time to go home because they could not pay overtime. Every person who works from home should take the time to establish a work schedule that includes time to stretch your legs and rest for lunch, and several days of work and vacation schedule. Make a schedule after you made a commitment to start a home business. Of course, your schedule must be flexible. Make time for yourself during one or two hours. Working all the time and no rest will make you tired and poor customer service is not desirable customer.

24. Limiting the amount of effort

It is difficult for most employers to not do the approach offered. They want to do and handle the task as much as possible in their business. The ability for multitasking, in fact, is a common characteristic shared by successful entrepreneurs. However, occasionally you have to stop and review the day to determine what the best interests of business and yourself for a long time. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you when they start, they know where their strengths and what tasks are delegated to others.

25. Follow-up is constantly

Constant Contact, follow up with customers, prospects and business alliances is a mantra for every new home-based entrepreneurs or established. Follow-up is constant and consistent allows you to convert prospects to customers, increase sales value and frequency of purchase from existing customers, and build stronger business relationships with suppliers and the team's core business. Follow-up is important to your customer list, such as real work begins after the sale. Easy to sell products or services, but the hard work necessary to retain customers and make them come back again.


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