22 Feb 2011

4 Financial Constraints

There are four obstacles that will make your future bleak. Consider the following four things, if often happen to you? If she immediately get rid of.

1. Reluctant Sacrifice
To be able to enjoy decent living and free of debt, it takes pengorbana and high discipline. Forget for a moment prestige and expensive goods, with goods murahpun you can get similar material with equal comfort.

2. Confused Start Of Mana
Although never studied finance at kulian first, you can become a financial manager for yourself.

3. Continue Delay
Never again say "I'll start tomorrow 'by the comments they are determined to be done the day after tomorrow, the day after changing weeks, weeks turned into months and so on until you do not make any changes.

4. Not Confident Able
Do not keep negative thoughts and poison yourself into thinking you will not be able to make changes. Saving money and beating heart desires is not easy, but believe any small business that you do far more meaningful than not doing anything.


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