22 Feb 2011

Paying yourself

  • If you work for a year, but your savings are not much different from the previous year, then you do not pay yourself.
  • You work for telephone companies, water companies, supermarkets, dairy factories, and other companies that the production of consumption goods your midst today.
  • If you get a paycheck, say, U.S. $ 750.00 per month.
  • Then you have to specify how you would mengaji yourself.
  • For example, U.S. $ 150.00?
  • Then you have to live with the money of U.S. $ 600.00 and can not use U.S. $ 150.00 for any reason.
  • The more you consistently set aside U.S. $ 150.00 per month, and the more persistent you pay yourself, then the path to wealth is open for you.
  • So the important thing here is, before you start paying your bills, your expenses, you first have to pay yourself!


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