10 Feb 2011

10 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Opportunity

10 Mistakes that will ruin your chances of a successful entrepreneur:

1. Let fear hold you. We believe a number of issues that affect the success of new businesses is the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of criticism, fear not valued and not afraid to think people will like your product or service. Understanding the fears that can hinder you. Learn to recognize and relate to it.
2. Failure to develop a real relationship. Nothing happens until the intertwined relationships. There are no meetings, no chance of sales, no business. Take time to build relationships, and then you're ready to sell.
3. Failed to respond quickly. The faster you respond, the more responsive you are. No reply to e-mail for days, voice messages are ignored, and the proposal or a sales agreement that postponed shows you do not care about the business prospects. Forget the advice of the absurd where fast response makes you look like or desperate to do business. It makes you seem responsive.
4. Become coercive. No one who likes coercive. So when your buyers say "yes" - stop selling. And do not sell, where to find a buyer to purchase more than they need. This is good for short term gain and is bad for long-term relationship.
5. Stop when there is rejection. No one was willing to accept rejection, but sometimes we see it as not visible. Denial is the initial response to someone who is not familiar, not a conclusion. Or it could be derived from the gatekeeper whose job it is rejected.
6. Stuck in perfection. There is no such thing as a perfect proposal, letter and response is perfect. Both are usually pretty good unless associated with life and death situations, which most of us are not. Additional 20 per cent that you put on products, services, the response is not recognized or appreciated by the recipient. But the fact that you too long to respond to identified and not in a good way.
7. Using your personal beliefs. No one who cares about your opinions when you are in a selling situation. Political views, social, and sports just for yourself.
8. Lack of focus. When you do not focus with employees, clients and prospects as if you are not interested or you are too excessive. When you do not focus with your organization, it's like the latest version of the organizational chaos that would damage the morale of staff who tried to deal with changing priorities and new initiatives.
9. No executive presence. The presence of executives not merely look the part. It's about managing your image with consideration and not artificial. Like it or not, weary, a lot of weight, messy and careless people are those who do not realize the event was happening and did not read a book since high school or college is a very different picture than those who merawar himself and intellectually curious.
10. Not showing gratitude. Success in business does not just happen. Along the way there are many people who share your feedback, helping you through a tough time, which might just give you an idea. Do not forget them when you succeed. There is always a reward of gratitude.

Perkonomian today in difficult conditions. Starting a new business can be exhausting and rewarding - personally and professionally. Sure, you need a business plan, solid financial products or services that can be sold with a strong value proposition. But you need more. And you must begin to eliminate sabotage behavior that will disturb your transition from one executive to be an entrepreneur.


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