21 Feb 2011

Google and Search Engine Optimization Strategy

In an increasingly online world bubbling, Google is a warrior who almost unparalleled. The search engine they created really has changed the way netters probe and has sex with a virtual world that increasingly exotic.Google in other words have become the main gate when every person intends to stick foot in the online universe. That is why, a website that can be pushed in the first ranking of Google search results will be very flattered, and worthy soluble in joy.

However, unfortunately it was not easy to penetrate the ranks of Google. The reason is clear: every day thousands - or even millions of websites - fighting, poking each other, clashing muscle and intelligence to darted into the web that perched in the first (or second and third) Google's search results.

From that process then the term search engine optimization (SEO abbreviated): or a clever ploy to create a website bolted on top of Google rankings. In the discus this time, I will exert 4 ways the web can be practical for a rise in the eyes of the Google engine. If you have or will create a web / blog, stick with these tips. If your office has a website, these tips handed to the IT people for a web company / office is not "disappear" without ever detected by Google.

Tip # 1: If you create a website / blog, try for your web domain names similar or identical to the content / product that will be built and sold.

Tip # 2: Make the web for other people willing to review and then also write a link that leads to your website. Link from another web is indeed highly valued by Google. The more links from the outside, the better your website in the eyes of Google's uncle.

Tip # 3: On a regular basis to update the article to your website or blog. The good, updates every day or every other day. Because Google likes the web that are updated regularly. But indeed write every day or every other day is not easy. Therefore, at least five days or once a week should be updated. Do not let the web we are left mangkrak not updated in months. Over time this website can be more submerged in the Google search results.

Tip # 4: This may apply to that will create a website. Later if it will make your blog or website, use the Wordpress application. Now many are available free to create a web application such as blogspot, joomla, or others. But as far as I know, wordpress application is the most friendly in the eyes of search engine Google.

Thus four practical tips that will help your website to racing in the rankings of the top Google search results.


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