21 Feb 2011

3 Ways to Run Online Business

Growth in number of Internet users in the country continued to increase significantly. The latest data shows the range of numbers between 30-40 million users. Number of accounts up from Indonesia continues dashed; beat the number of accounts from other countries. Number of Twitter users from the ground water also continues to rise, making them able to "master the Twitter world stage" (that's why Ariel Peterporn keywords can master the universe of global twitter, and make celebrities of the world to wonder: WHO the hells is ariel?)

In short, the online world landscape in this country will continue to grow with sumringah. And behind the growth that drove it, tucked a number of business opportunities that might be picked. In talks this time, we will discuss three kinds of ways to gain sustenance from the virtual world blessed.

The first way is to build a website or blog with a resounding and consistent, and can bring many visitors fanatics, and then hope there are a number of sponsors willing to advertise. For independent blog in Indonesian language, this option is turned out not so easy because there are rarely major sponsors who want to put ads on your blog / personal website.

Even if one wants to put ads, usually more than service providers such aggregate adsense ads or kliksaya.com. And income from services such ads were not very encouraging: the average good blog may only earn between USD 2-3 million per month, and blog-Abal Abal may only get a hundred thousand per month.

Therefore, perhaps the second way is more interesting: namely to build a web / blog to sell something (selling something). Things can be intangible (digital products that can be transferred via the internet, some kind of ebook or software product) or actually sell physical products such as T-shirts provocative, herbal medicine, shredded catfish, or selling a special tonic to men.

Selling digital products (like ebooks) via the Internet are very practical: you do not need physical warehouses to store stocks. All files stored on your computer, and if there is a buying machine live command to send it automatically. Everything is running 24 hours a day with automatic without you need to busy to send goods via postal / Tiki.

Selling physical products / life via the Internet also remain fun. You do not need to hire an expensive shop, and do not need to hang out for hours waiting for the store (yes if the store busy, if you store it manyun quiet throughout the day). You only need a telephone or email to receive orders; shop you can continue to open 24 hours a day, and potential buyers could come from all over the archipelago.

It's selling a physical product in this online requires considerable capital. Perhaps the necessary initial capital of about USD 10-30 million, depending on the type of product to be sold. But if successful, we may be able to get a turnover between USD 40-80 million per month. If his profit margin of 20%, because it is also our income per month.

The last way is to build a web / blog for personal branding and promotion. This option essentially is using the web / blog to promote and sell our expertise services. And just the third option is what I do with a cool blog that you read this now.

As someone who worked as a consultant / trainer, I felt this blog was very instrumental in attracting potential clients. Not a few clients who invited me as a consultant / trainer because they know my services through this blog.

A third option I think this can also be done by those who do have special expertise services, ranging from photography services, bridal makeup, web desaigner, home renovation services, to the suction toilet services, vehicle registration renewal service, or air conditioning repair services.

Thus, three choices or online business opportunities that might be executed. Each offers different characteristics, but if it worked with all of them promising a serious potential for an adequate income.


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