8 Feb 2011

Two Business in One Home

Can a house be used for two different business? "Of course!" by John and Linda Ruffin, who runs a private company by combining two of their office at their home in Santa Barbara, California.

John Ruffin started The Synergy Group, a company engaged in the field of management consulting and training, 12 years ago. Four years later, convinced by his success and did not want mensia Linda wasted potential, he encouraged his wife to start a business in the field of research executives, Opportunities Plus. Not everyone can perform like them, ancestry Ruffin very confident with potential benefits for both couples and business.

"We are the directors for ourselves," said John. "As a partner, we are close, but we have the distance in terms of contributing strategic thinking. We bring different experiences and assessments. I am happy to exchange ideas with Linda. He handles his business in total and we did not have time for that, I really miss input. "

What makes Ruffins (and other employers like them) can be successful in business relationships and personal?
  • Having your own business to suit their personality. "We complement each other but at the same time an independent person," said Linda. "As a couple, like us, we can do business together very well. But the independence, we liked the autonomy in doing our duty. "
  • They encourage each other. "When Linda worked with other people, I see the ability that he was not aware of. I know he can do something never done and do it myself," Wade said.
  • They are very competitive. "We were very successful and mutually supportive in every step," said Linda. "If we compete and outdo each other, then it is a real trap."
  • They look for opportunities to build their respective businesses. "Our business is different, there is some overlap," said John. "We find a way for business can be done to others." Some clients become a client Linda John, and vice versa. According to Linda, "Mutual support is kontribusai for growth of both companies."


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