22 Feb 2011

Salary Not Out Quickly

Pretending to be a 'lot of money' is a dream for everyone. With everything money can you earn, home, cars, jewelry, and so forth. Of course, to get a lot of money we have to work hard. And of course you do not want the income you earn from hard work was gone just like that right?

Now for your income is not in vain and you can be the 'deep pockets', deh try the following manner:

Every time out to receive a salary, do not immediately go to the shopping center such as Mal. Go home and make a list of spending your needs, such as household goods, children's education, health, etc.. Then note each time you spend money. Thus you will know where all the 'running' your money.

Try every time to buy household appliances, choose a good quality but with price not too expensive. So, you do not need very often to pay for 'service'.

Shopping everyday needs as well as to supply a month might be more you save expenses. Because buying in large quantities fall will be cheaper than buying retail. Anyway you do not need to go back and forth to buy because it ran out of sugar, milk, or coffee. So this will save the cost of transport expenditure.

Do not allocate your money for things that are fun. Seberapun small your salary, get used to always save. If you can each month set aside 10% of your salary into savings. Choose a reputable bank with a sizable interest.

Pick a cheap restaurant, every time you eat lunch. Do not eat at expensive restaurants that will suck up the contents of your pocket. If I need to bring their food from home. In addition to efficient hygiene also right?

Do not just save money! of salary. Every time you get a bonus, THR, or incentives, set aside for savings, although slightly. Besides the savings, if possible invest your money into stocks, bonds or deposit amount that you set aside savings for long-term.

Following the gathering, held office or home environment can also you choose as an alternative to 'save' you money. If you are still confused 'set aside' your income that is not a lot, ask for help from other people that are reliable and you believe in managing money.

By doing so, do not be afraid to be 'stingy'. After all, you are not stingy, but sparingly. Because who else will save the money you earn with difficulty, if not your own? Moreover, this will be very beneficial to your life later.


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