22 Feb 2011

3 Tricks Managing Family Financial Success

Married life is not easy, besides taking care of her husband and children, of course, as a wife you should also take care expenditures for all family needs. Then how the secret to successfully manage the family finances, so not a big place pegs instead of the pole? Try these tips ..

1. Make a Plan
If the couple has given money and entrust the affairs entirely in your household, you'll want to do good planning while not forgetting to discuss with a partner. Plan all the needs and allocate funds according to need.It's good all the plans are written in the notes is important, so really focus on what to buy. Short-term plans, must be related to current needs, among others, the cost of daily living up to the school for the children.In addition to short-term plans, do not you ever forget the long-term plan. Doing so may you realize in the form of savings or productive assets. As little as any funding your household, do not forget to set aside for savings. If necessary, before you allocate the funds to meet household needs, first set aside for savings. Investments in the form of savings or jewelry (gold), can you make a choice. Strive to make the savings even very small amounts will be very beneficial. Culture of saving, need to be submitted to the kids at home, so they can save.

2. Sharing Tasks With Couple
Things to consider by this couple is the division of tasks. Managing finances in the household must be addressed in a compact. If the husband gives all revenue to you, you should schedule a mutually agreed upon monthly expenditure and a priority. The rest, return to the husband for the needs, and from there set up funds for investment. How much savings will be excluded from income must be clearly specified.When you set the financial expenditure, it is worth the couple was given the responsibility in the affairs of the tube to save for their children's school and so forth. Any problems that arise from the division of this task should be discussed clearly and be open with each other. There should be no mutual suspicion and should be solved together as well.

3. Expenditure siasati Extras
When finished with financial planning, you should also calculate the extra spending needed for family recreation, the need to eat outside the home, travel expenses or the budget end of the year to visit the family home away. In this case, the expenditure should be regulated in such a way, but still not allowed to reduce household each month.Indeed, not all households have the same style and pattern in terms of financial arrangements and expenditure system. But, at least, with this plan will be more easily arrange household financial management. This will be useful for the present and future. Efficient does not mean cheap.The consequence is, whether reasonable and urge to buy something? What is useful and notwasteful if every day to eat at the cafe? Many things to consider in spending. Even should assist family members who are trouble, all that must be done without sacrificing the needs of families.

Well, if you've managed to arrange your household finances well, do not forget to run it consistently. With steps like this you surely will reap the results in your old age.


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