10 Feb 2011

Ten Tips Improve Your Business Image

When you focus on growing your business, whether you consider the relevance of the importance of business you are arrested? Communication and the image you present, both personal and business, creating your first impression, and unfortunately, sometimes the last impression of you as well. Studies on humans suggest that most people make decisions in the first 30 seconds to two minutes. We've often heard "You only have one chance to make a first impression."

Although you may have skills and qualifications to provide flawless services or sell products, you must not forget the "first impression" if you do not give serious attention to your professional image. Maybe you do not just cut yourself on the initial sales, but also repeat business and referrals. The purpose of personal and your business is to avoid negative interference to move the other part outside and focus on the inside, so the attention is on you, your business, and what you have to say. You want attention, are recognized and have a positive influence on others.

While opinions will offer the relevance of the importance of different aspects of the image, depending on the type of business and your products, where you and your business make it a success. If you fail to display the image of a professional, successful, and intelligent, why your prospects should expect to get something different from your product or service? Like it or not, the presentation of personal and business can distinguish the ability, credibility and success most. If you neglect to detail, you will kehilanggan significant business.

1. Dressed for success - if you look like a professional, you will be accepted and valued as a professional and give confidence. Simple and professional and avoid the excessive makeup that might be disturbing.
2. Appearances phone - What's the perception of people who call you? How do you answer the phone? Several studies have shown that the highest percentage of one's opinion about your shape, while talking on the phone, in base of our voices. Only a fraction is considered based on the words we use. Make sure your initial greeting professional. It would be better, if your phone is answered by people who are professionals in their field with a positive tone and vibrant sound. If the caller like what they hear, then your business will be considered as berpengatahuan and confident.
3. Voicemail - When leaving a message to someone, leave a complete message including your name and phone number. Tell me with a short and informative so that they can respond without first talking to you, but do not deviate. Speak slowly and repeat your number at the end of the message so the message is not repeated to get your number.
4. Logo - Logo important as the value of good branding and recognition. Logo a clean, simple and unique is usually the best way to survival and success of the company. A logo should reflect the personality of the company. This is not something you should do alone. A professional designer will ensure your logo design reflects the personality of the company, without leaving the impression of a neat and professional.
5. Marketing collateral - the performance is reality in marketing and must appear seprofesional you. All the ingredients you need to follow the basic principles of design, looks neat and simple, has a sense of the branded, and using a professional image. Is a good idea to appoint someone responsible for it, so that branding and image you become consistent.
6. Website - the performance of your website visitors to determine the mood and readiness to listen. This will determine the image of you as a player in your industry. Should be simple and elegant as well as guiding visitors to instantly find information that is important. This is a worthwhile investment to hire a professional to ensure you do not either deal with visitors, or the occurrence of technical risk. It may be that your website is the only impression you get visitors about who you are.
7. Business Address - No one can add credibility website better than showing the physical address of business on the contact page or at the bottom (page footer). Vs. physical business address home address or post office box is important for the perception of the viewer to decide whether they believe your business can rely on. In addition, you must have a private meeting place for professionals and avoid meetings in coffee shops and restaurants.
8. Email Address - Take the time to secure domain names and email addresses. Using the generic address seperti@yahoo.com, @ gmail.com, etc do not give the impression of a professional business. People will think you are hard to contact, a business that is only temporarily only, or is not technically sophisticated.
9. Written Communication - Transparency professional document or the response provides the best opening for the company. Errors that escape and printed or published online show not only just a bad writer, but also the entire organization or publication. When found errors in the document, readers tend not to believe everything, including statistics, opinions, and facts. Make sure you check the facts, reread, check spelling and look for an objective reader to check your work before publication.
10. Ethics air-mail - Like most rules of business correspondence, make sure you use correct grammar and punctuation are correct. Avoid using abbreviations and symbols such as smiley faces: they are not valued as professionals in business communications. Never write an email while you meras upset; use the rules of "sleep on it" so you do not need to write something that you regret later.

Your original image affects whether a person will come back or not, it is important to quickly place repeat business and purchases, and referrals; It can indeed be added. Communicate the image you want projected on the employees and push the teratur.Bisnis you will change into the picture of success, credibility, and professionalism; a company where people want to do business with you.


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