22 Feb 2011

Great way to reach financial independence

Becoming a millionaire was not as difficult as imagined in our minds. At least this opinion topnotch entrepreuner Adam Khoo from Singapore in his book Secrets of Self-Made Millioners.According to Khoo, before becoming a millionaire, you must be prepared. That is, ready to face obstacles and challenges, as well as on the path to achieving that success.

No need to pass a Harvard or have a big capital to become one of the lucky ones. The key is to maintain enough assets and intellectual mind.In the 364 page thick book, Khoo said the key in achieving the goal of becoming a millionaire is to create, manage, multiply, and enjoy your money.

The first step which will be published are seven keys to create wealth that is to adopt the millionaire mind, determine financial targets, creating a financial plan, increase revenue, manage costs and reduce expenses, increase wealth, and the latter is to protect property.Prior to becoming a millionaire, a millionaire mentality needed as well as have big expectations, proactive, 100% responsibility, not easily satisfied, doing what he loved, loyal, committed 100%, turning failure into success, and respect and love your money.If both measures have been passed already almost half way means that you pass through. The next step is to manage cash flow is determined from the management of assets you have. This time, Khoo divide the assets into two parts, namely a positive cash flow assets such as investment in shares, property and the negative interest rate car loans, home loans.

Both these assets should be combined and managed properly in order to generate positive cash flows for the financial and no financial burden on you. The next step to become a millionaire with a short street is a risk taker, as well as one dare to invest in investment instruments, such as shares, property, and other businesses. The key, you must recognize that investment and want to learn how to achieve success with the investment you have.

The final step is an important step in achieving goals as a millionaire is to design a map to a millionaire. A journey, to wherever it is, it needs a map so as not to get lost in travel. This map will take you to the final goal to success as a millionaire.In making even this success road map, it may take five key or the right strategy to apply. The map must be specific and measurable, robust and can challenge you, controlled by the power of reason, strategies or action plans, as well as the time limit (deadline). If you're ready to undergo all of them, you're ready to become a millionaire.

This book describes the specific path to success is easily achieved if we are consistent and committed to its final destination. Because everything will indeed be more easily achieved if there is a great earnestness.From his presentation is quite clear, this book fits into the handle for entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, executives, and people who dream to achieve financial freedom.


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