10 Feb 2011

Motivation and Commitment

The most frequent motivation for starting a business is to enable employers to reach self-sufficiency; money is second. Is this surprising? The other reason that is often expressed is the opportunity to show identity, someone take over the family business, or just want to become entrepreneurs. Determine your motivation.

In context, what excuse is offered for people to join a large corporate? To choose a career of government? Unity of work? Of course, many people who want a safe career, good benefits and career that could be improved.

What type of people who start a business? Sometimes they are different skills than those working for other people. The more successful, an entrepreneur tends to become proactive, assertive, and observers are high. They are efficient, give priority to quality, and experts in planning and procedures. As business operators, they are committed to the "relationship" with employees, customers, suppliers, and their communities. Is this skill or personal trait leads success professionally?

Most entrepreneurs assess control, freedom, flexibility, and self-confidence. They usually want the responsibility and personal fulfillment. Most employers are not "gamblers," they have a preference to manage the risk (the largest financial risk that what would you consider?). They are always looking for opportunities, and willing to pursue them.

These are some common characteristics. How do we apply them to suit us, and committed to the lifestyle entrepreneur? We need to ask ourselves some hard questions:

Is it true I want to start or have a business? What are the main reason to go into business? Motivation must be maintained with the strong from beginning to end.

Are there any products or services that match my talent or passion? How do I use the opportunity? About 65% of the initial business is beginner, 30% buying an existing business, with promoted or carried in ownership. Approximately 11% of businesses operate under the name of the franchise.

Am I ready? Why do you think so many new entrepreneurs begin at age 30 years? Maybe because they have the experience to be sure, but still flexible enough to take risks. Do you think entrepreneurs are born (from parents, ethnic traditions) or created? Is this right for you? If so, define skills or additional knowledge that will improve your readiness.

For women and minorities, there are additional considerations that are relevant to their chances of success. Do they have to do with "better", or entrepreneurship is a real benefit? Whether the loss occurs only in the early stages?

Do I have adequate support structure? If you have a spouse, or rely on family support, make sure they understand the sacrifices and pressures that will arise in their relationship.

Can I put the development of this business to other interests and goals for the future? Am I willing to take the demands kewirausahaa? Mass, can I work a full day as employees of the company, then in the afternoon working on my own coffee shop and weekends until my business can support full-time? There is more life than work, and maintain balance and a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for self-employed.

Can I collect source for business success? Do I respond well to any pressure that exists? When I made the business full time, can I live without a salary basis of regular, predictable work schedules, and without vacations and other benefits? Even after the early stages, sometimes the attention of the business ends when you lock the door at closing time. Am I ready for the possibility that I could lose money and property, and damaging my health and self-esteem?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, only that the best that reflects your feelings on the issue. Similarly, if your feelings show You do not have to take steps as a businessman, it is not a sign of weakness or other deficiencies. But this is a decision that reflects the best work-life balance for you.


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