22 Feb 2011

17 Important Financial Tips For Women

It may sound unfair, but women sometimes get when dealing with financial ketidakuntungan. Although differences have diminished since about 50 years ago, it still produced fewer women than by men. But the situation is not hopeless. Much of what women can do to secure their financial future. Here are some tips that can help you add your control and confidence when dealing with your financial problems.

1. Create your financial goals - Make setting goals for yourself can be one of the most important thing in your financial success. Knowing where you want to end up is the first step to achieve it. So, sit down and imagine what your financial big target and how you plan to achieve them. Make sure you evaluate your progress over time if you stay in the exact path to meet your goals.

2. Do not fight alone - If you have a problem with dealing with your finances, you need not face them alone, would be very helpful if you join a support group related to financial issues. Women sometimes feel intimidated when dealing with investments, and felt uncertain about the choices that lead to this intimidation. When you learn about your finances, you will feel more confident.

3. Get professional help - Out of the group, if you need the guidance of financial problems would be better if you are looking for professionals who can help you. Although they put on prices, profit from their experience and knowledge can be profitable. Make sure you find someone you can trust. Get recommendations from friends or relations if possible.

4. Control your own finances - When most women manage their own finances from day to day, there are still women who gave this decision to the couple. Know where your money goes and make sure it's invested in a way that you think fit.

5. Buy your house - women sometimes wait until they get married to buy a home with their partners later on, or they expect their husbands to buy a house for them. When situations like this can be hindered by financial limitations, you should try to buy your own home. For the long term, renting is a bad investment. If you plan to stay within a couple of years old enough and able to pay in advance, buying a home is a better investment

6. Negotiate your salary - do not be afraid to ask for what you know you deserve. Believe am left with the negotiations - you can get less than what is feasible if you see your own boss did not mean it. If you feel you are paid less than enough, say. You may not get what you ask for, but you never know if you do not try it.

7. Know your risk tolerance - Women are sometimes more conservative than men in business to make the investment. There are times when more sensible to see a more risky investment but will result in greater growth. Do not be afraid to take risks upon now, as long as it wouldbe reciprocal results. Everyone has a different risk tolerance, then it's thinking well before making investment decisions that are at risk.

8. Plan for retirement - Statistics reported that women sometimes keep half of what men who save for retirement. This could be a problem in itself, but on average women live longer than men, then it should keep for more for years and years longer such. Experts advise that women should keep 12% of their income for retirement, while men just need to save about 10%. It's never too early or too late to start saving for retirement.

9. Learn from your mistakes - everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes can open financial opportunities to grow (financially). Do not let the mistakes of the past that makes you away from future success. If you have many years engaged in credit card debt then use the lessons from the siege of future debt. As long as you do not make the same mistakes constantly then you will be fine, so do not let your past tie your future.

10. Start making decisions that smart investments - No better time than now to start investing. Women often receive less benefits than men, then they need to be more aggressive about investments and their savings. Do not be afraid to make mistakes in investing - you can not know everything just by not doing anything. Look for sources of investment information such as reading source online, through books, or consult with someone you trust to help you with your investment strategies are new.

11. Get out of your comfort zone - Most financial decisions are important, such as asking for a raise or a risky investment, will involve a variety of uncomfortable feelings. Of course, without a sense of discomfort that there is no choice for luck. Prepare yourself to receive a successful financial future.

12. Remember that it's never too late - even if you do not start saving until the final period in life, do not despair. Still possible to start at the end of the period and ends with the prosperous. Start saving as much as you can start now and reduce your spending. You probably could have worked longer than you plan ahead, but, if you set goals and work to achieve it, your job becomes not too horrible.

13. Do not depend on pensions and social security - Women sometimes do not benefit when dealing with pension plans and social security. Women often spend less time in employment, and that is why receive less than men. The years of work that few can only contribute to a lower average than social security benefits and pensions. Create a plan for additional investment in your pension are available from the company where you work or through another investment vehicle.

14. Get out of debt - One of the most important steps to become financially secure is to eliminate your debt and create a budget for managing your spending. Start by paying your debt limit in advance, or, if you can, transfer one credit card debt into another credit card that has a lower interest rate. Once you get out as soon as possible of those debts you can have more money for savings and investment.

15. Perform tax planning - Whether you have or do not have a home or business, the taxes could be an important part of your financial planning.

16. Do not use the money to make you better - When to buy yourself a pair of new shoes or new clothes may make you feel better in a short time, usually warm feelings will fade quickly. If you experience an exhausting day, invest time in something that makes you spend any money, like go walking or talking with friends. Part of a financially secure is to learn how to shop less, or you will not achieve that goal if you spend money to make you happy.

17. Have an Emergency Plan - When planning for the distant future become a major concern, you also should have money saved for unforeseen events. Without these savings, if you have lost your job could end up in severe credit card problems. If you have enough savings that six or nine months without having a job, you will not feel so disappointed when you apply for new jobs.

Maybe these tips above not only are applied to women, these tips are very compatible with many issues that women face when dealing with a financial plan for their future. Nothing else, remember that your financial success depends on your attitude about money and your willingness to hold your financial future in your own hands.


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