21 Feb 2011

The Power of Social Media

Revolution 2.0. As soon as one observer said about the historic moment on the banks of the river Nile. Or a revolutionary movement which is facilitated by the presence of social media like twitter and facebook. Social media, or often shortened to socmed, it has provided massive impact in a number of facets of life, both in aspects of social, cultural, political and business as well.

Social media as we know, refers to a site that focuses on user-generated contents and conversation. Mailing list is a true of the earliest forms of social media (whether now you are diligent open mailing list?) Website of the forum (remember Kaskus and the like) then follow. Social media became explosive after media presence Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the like.

Then, what kind of social media strategy is feasible carried by the business? The following article tries to mix and menghidangkannya front of your desk as well.It must be admitted to this social media strategy for many companies in the homeland is still putting up (and Twitter) as the main media. And it's reasonable considering the two web community has exceeded 40 millions.

Thus, many companies who then flocked to raise a Page on FB or open an account at Twitter. But unfortunately, no single page of a particular brand (or company) who scored an outstanding achievement.Moreover, in a variety of social media activities, it is not many brands or companies that are able to build a strong and viable interaction is remembered by its customers. In other words, to this day, no a social media strategy that was smart and has a long trail in the hearts of the customers.And precisely therein, we then remembered with a social media, which until today was still in-under estimate by all companies and brand managers in the country. Social Media is named: the blog.

Honestly, I am somewhat surprised at the fact that to this day no one legendary blog comes from the brand manager / leading company in the homeland. In fact, if used with accurate and combined with other media such as FB and Twitter, oh man, the result will be very sweet.The first example: we imagine there is a blog about financial planning (financial planning) is written with a crisp, consistent, complete with practical tips on managing family finances, fund children's education, frugal shopping tips, etc.. The question is: why Bank BNI, Bank Danamon or others never thought to create a blog with interesting themes like this?

The second example: we imagine there is a blog about the world of gadgets mak Nyos, with all the accessories, complete with a variety of new gadgets are fantastic pictures. And all accompanied by commentary written in crisp and full flowing beauty. Wow. The question is: why XL, Telkomsel and others never thought to create a blog like that?

Last example: we imagine the presence of a blog about the Motorbike, which provides detailed reviews, but lightweight and personal about this segela motorcycle world. Everything is then fitted With the ever video blog about the latest motors. If only Honda or Yamaha would make this kind of blog.The message is clear: if a blog with such interesting themes above are built with passion (like the blog you're reading this), then treated with great diligence, and written in a crisp style, personal, distant friends, I am sure within a year, the blog - the blog is certainly transformed into a powerful media to reach out to customers for a number of brands mentioned above.

Especially if they then combined with a discussion on FB and Twitter. The result would be more memorable than an ad on TV which cost tens of billions.Hopefully this article read the brand managers in the country. Hopefully there are also among those who want to start building a legendary branding blog with interesting themes. Rows of quality blogs run with passion and full of excitement.


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