21 Feb 2011

What Are Your Business Goals in 2011?

Year 2011 had just walked. Because it may be useful if we try to probe goals we want to knit this year. Expand the annual goals (annual goals) a clear and specific may be a route that must dilakoni when we want to pick destinations that we dream.Because with that we can mix a pinch of action plans and initiatives in order to knit a row of key goals that can be transformed into reality, and instead continue to depend on an illusion. Because with this we can then measure whether we have move on the right track or slipping to the edge of the street.

So, what are your career and business goals in the year of 2011?

Even if we want to talk, about career and business goals, then maybe we can sort them into two major parts: The annual target has been pegged by the office where you work, and of course your own personal / professional goals.Talk about organizational goals, we imagine the department / section where you venture has been established with the goals you want to achieve in 2011, complete with a number of work programs in a clear and measurable.In the context of company-wide goals, should your company had to declare business growth targets would be achieved. One of the key targets of course: how much sales revenue should grow this year. If a company has matured, the target growth rate that should have been communicated to all employees intensively. There is also stretched, a key strategy formulated by a company willing to embrace a target that has been targeted.

Unfortunately, in many company / public organization, goals and strategic initiatives such was not communicated clearly. Many employees who really do not know how much business growth targets companies that want to pursue. Moreover, strategic initiatives to pursue them. (Do-do you also like it, never know how much business growth target at which you work. Doh).Though the target figures and strategic actions that should be known well by all employees. Because with that, then each department / section (including the part where you work) can come to formulate a program to help achieve the main objectives of the company. How HR departments can design programs such as the right, if not know the intended target business growth company?

Okay, suppose that company goals are well understood. And now, the time came for each department / section (including your part) to formulate his goals clearly. Course includes a series of initiatives / programs that would lock carried on this year.Hopefully the department / section where you work has formulated all of them with detailed, systematic and detailed. That is, now is the time to immediately begin to execute on all the draft work program that has been prepared (if your department has not been cleared with annual goals and programs, yes immediately arranged with swiftly and accurately).

No less important, whatever the design of initiatives and key actions which have been prepared by the department / section you are, then expand your commitment to go make it happen perfectly. Presents wholehearted determination to deliver a decent contribution is remembered. Because with this, your career in travel this year will also grow steadily.

In addition to organizational goals, of course you must formulate your own professional goals this year. So what are your personal goals in this year? Of course we do not have to write it down with too detailed and meticulous. But at least there was a "strategic theme" that you should pursue in this year.

Maybe this year you want to undergo another college (post graduate possible). Or maybe you want to pioneer their own business which has long be imagined. Or maybe you want more enterprising reading business management books of quality. Or perhaps, want to join a course that can increase competence: either an advanced course management, course create a website / blog or cooking class (who knows one day you could open his own restaurant business.)

Whatever your personal goals, please take a moment to reflect on what you want to achieve in this year. Reflect and think these goals Seriously.Last but hopefully this year, there are a number of "special achievements" that you deserve recalled in the history of all your life's journey.


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