9 Feb 2011

Business Productivity

Recently I spoke with a businessman who told a new sales met. She said she knew him in recent years, sales have been joined by three different companies. Later this entrepreneur paused and said, "Maybe I also have the same tendency. The point is the grass always looks greener, I guess. "

Tendency to shift the macro-task, to change careers attention to something larger is a common thing happening in all types of entrepreneurship. I myself have felt at various events. There is always another chance in it, something more interesting.

Ask a marathon runner and he'll tell you about "Walls"; points in a game where the internal energy reserves are used. Hit this wall could be a disappointing runner, and they will give up during the game. However, if athletes push and "climb" the wall, they will find new energy boost and is able to finish the game properly

Employers experience this, and the "wall of entrepreneurs." This wall is the moment when the business is no longer interesting. At first, entrepreneurs wake up each day with enthusiasm to run their business. Suddenly, a low tide. The reason for this hit the wall varies from yag declining economic conditions, until the poor sales, employee relations, or just out of boredom. However, if employers can push and climb the wall, he will experience new levels of success and new enthusiasm.

Like the marathon runner who also conditioned himself so not too surprised with the system, as well as employers, who could use some specific tools that facilitate them to climb the walls of their personal. The three tools are:

1. Company vision - Vision is a document that contains the company's corporate image next five years or more. It creates a concrete direction for you and your company. With the company's vision is written and displayed on the wall is a powerful tool to remind you. Will be more powerful when you are asked what they expect to desire the next. When employers refers to vision of the company, they will remember the desire to achieve company goals.

2. Vacation - Entrepreneurs are always reject time is budgeted for the holiday routine. This leaves them in a situation where they did not find an opportunity to recharge their energy. Make a holiday schedule. By creating a holiday schedule, employers always have what is expected. On his return, employers will find the problems faced moments before the holidays is not a big problem.

3. Business training - as a business coach, I often help clients to return to class when they feel hopeless or when they lose perspective. Ancient expression that says 'can not see the forest through the trees' is true in business. When you reach the wall of an entrepreneur, you need someone from outside who can see things from the perspective of distance, which could see the overall picture and ask the right questions. Business training is an essential component for businesses to create personal accountability. Accountability is not only provide a valuable view of the business side, but also help the entrepreneurs to move forward when they encountered a wall entrepreneurs.


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