8 Feb 2011


Many women who seek to generate additional income and still have flexible time for family. Are you interested in working part-time or want to start a business at home, here are 10 business ideas that can be adjusted with the most dense schedule.
1. Virtual Assistant - Virtual Assistants provide administrative services that do not have the staff to handle these tasks. Various types of tasks can be offered with hourly rates or per-job, ranging from contact database management and creating and sending business correspondence, to designing brochures and newsletters and coordinating the delivery of large numbers. Agents and small businesses dalah target clients for services like this.
2. Release Writer - freelance writer writing articles in newspapers and magazines. Many articles require research, well written, and accordance with the style of the publication. Payments range from $ .10 - $ 2.00 per word. Businessman usually also contracted freelance writers to create reports, news, advertising copy, and other special projects.
3. Computer Tutor - Computer tutors teach students how to use computers, access email, set up a new computer, and using a program such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Quickbooks. This service can be made per person or a class in college or training center. Tutors can charge by the hour or class registration.
4. Pet Care - Nurses offer pet-care services at home when the owner was away. Services are usually offered is to provide food, invites to play, or cleaning box, and take a walk. These services usually charge a fee per visit.
5. Infopreneur - Infopreneur sell the information in book form, e-books, special reports, teleconferences, seminars, worksheets, and video programs. You can take advantage of expertise, a hobby to business ink, a tau virtually handle the issue with hosting a website to sell info products.
6. Ebay Trading Assistant - Trading Assistant provides services to his community by acting as an agent selling on eBay. This agent has a contract with the client to list items for sale, collect payments from buyers, sending goods and get a percentage of the profits-usually between 30-50%. This is a great service to offer for people who do not really understand computers but they want to sell online. e-Bay offers a directory where trading assistants can promote their services.
7. Creative knitting - Knitted yan is a trend offers opportunities to generate income. If you membuata scraf, blankets, sweaters or hats handmade, you can sell it on eBay, leave him at a local boutique or rent a booth at craft exhibitions. You can also teach knitting in your home, in the training center, or craft shops.
8. Taxi children - If you take shuttle kids to and from school, why not make money from the shuttle the other kids? Many parents who would gladly pay to make sure their children leave school and come home safely.
9. Resume Designer - Resume designers help job seekers to create resumes and cover letters are professional. Resume can be created using special software and basic word processing program. These services needed by students and job seekers. The range of costs ranging from $ 50 - $ 250 depending on the level of employment.
10. Custom cookbook - Every family has secrets and favorite recipes that are stored for the next generation. Create a custom cookbook with recipes collected in a collection of recipes using processing programs and creative skills. These books can be a wonderful gift and can be ordered by anyone who is in the family tree. Books can be printed at local printing or through an online publishing service.

If you decide to start your own business, contact a local trade agency and meet the proposed requirements. Costs range from $ 50 to $ 200 with the application process is quite simple. It could be a lot of home-based business tax, so be sure to save receipts, track expenses associated with business travel, and develop a solid accounting system. Then you will find yourself enjoying the finansiak and emotional rewards of ownership of your business.


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